How to get a bank loan for business without personal surety?

23 Oct

The bank loan granted to companies is often associated with a personal guarantee, can we get funding without this deposit, what are the solutions? We tell you everything. Bank loan for business: instructions for use Whether it’s starting a business, launching a project, or simply supporting investment or activity, most … Read More »


Tips to save money

28 Sep

Want to save money but don’t know how to get started? Read on because this article will quickly guide you through money saving tips that will allow you to start saving and saving for whomever you want. Calculate your expenses – Calculate what the average month in your wallet looks … Read More »


Internet credit and other Internet credit

15 Sep

Credit available on the Internet Below the term ‘internet credit’ you can list all types of credit that can be applied for online. Such are, for example, instant or MMS credit providers, consumer credit providers and other lenders. This article will look at the types of credit available on the … Read More »


ASP Account and First Home Savings – Loans

12 Sep

ASP is an acronym for Home Savings and you can start saving at the age of 15-39 but under 18 can only save on your own income.According to an ASP account, saving for a first home or a private home seems like a good idea , and that is if … Read More »


How to Pay off a Low Income Loan

19 Aug

Young people, in particular, tend to have a low salary, but a reckless loan – or just too much hope – has ruined the cover of your entire budget. Here’s one way you can pay off your credit in a couple of steps. How To Pay A Low Income Loan … Read More »


Credit with a bad credit history

17 Aug

 Loan with a bad credit history Information is outdated! Bad credit history is no longer issued and is not allowed! You can get a loan with a bad credit history against a mortgage (good solution: a loan against a car mortgage). Getting a loan with a bad credit history is much … Read More »


Quick credit for travel

3 Aug

Fast credit is not the first place to turn to cash credit Traveling costs money, but not always that money is available. While fast credit is not the first place to turn to cash credit, there are situations where it is worthwhile to turn a blind eye to the ambiguous … Read More »


Apply for credit

29 Jun

Apply for Credit: New Loans, Repurchase and Repayment Who wants to apply for a loan, for example, to finance a car or a property or repost an old loan, should not respond to the first offer. Because even in times of low-interest rates, there are significant cost differences between the … Read More »