Comparing Car Insurance Solutions

9 Jun

Did you know that your car insurance policy’s rate can skyrocket after drunk driving? Cheap car insurance is hard to find these days that even those who have good driving records have difficulty getting rates that are amenable to their budget so what more if you have a DUI? Experts say that a DUI (driving under the influence) violation can cost you and this extra expense will be quite hefty. In fact, a DUI can stop you from driving altogether especially if you do not have the money to pay for a rather astronomical amount to continue driving. A DUI conviction can cost up to $24, 000 –an amount that can definitely set you back a few years and if you have been convicted of DUI and live in a city where there is not enough public transportation to get you from one place to the next, then you would have to suffer the consequences of having to hitch a ride with friends or worst –pay for a very expensive insurance policy.
This is the reason why experts always say that drunk driving is something that motorists should avoid. Being categorized as a high-risk driver is something that anyone trying to save money on their auto insurance policy want. Apart from this, the legal consequences are also quite steep. For one, operating a car or any type of vehicle for that matter while under the influence is a criminal offence and of course for those who abide by the law, one would already know that the consequences are endless. You might even have to serve time because of a DUI which means you will already have a criminal record. If this isn’t scary enough, you would have to shoulder court and administrative costs and would even have to hire an attorney to represent you. On top of this, you would have to serve your state through community service as well as go through alcohol or substance abuse courses and treatment. Of course it is needless to say that your driver’s license will either be revoked or suspended. These things are much worse than having to pay a hefty price for your car insurance policy.

Comparing Car Insurance Solutions
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