Additional coverage for two-wheeler insurance policies


You can have it all – compulsory liability insurance or even full two-wheeler insurance, but in the event of an accident it may take more than insuring your two-wheeler under normal policies for completely protect yourself from financial risk. . An accident on a two-wheeler can be overwhelming and cause an unexpected dent in your finances. The costs may include medical costs for the driver and passenger, damage to the vehicle and also to additional vehicle accessories, etc. For this reason, it is ideal for the owner of the two-wheeler to take out additional insurance.

You will find below the 4 basic complementary covers for two-wheelers:

Passenger Coverage:

Two-wheeled traffic accidents can be fatal not only for the rider but also for the passenger. The consequences and the risks are high for both runners. Thus, in this supplemental insurance, additional cover for the passenger will be provided as compensation, while in a normal policy only the pilot is covered against disability and death. Passenger insurance covers on top of normal insurance and may total a slightly higher amount, but it certainly has its advantages.

Medical cover:

Normal insurance policies generally do not cover medical expenses, but it is the most important supplemental insurance coverage among the rest. Applying for insurance with this add-on can make it easier in unforeseen situations. Medical bills can be expensive, but with this add-on, it is easier to map the exact expenses related to your accident on a two-wheeler.

Accessory Coverage:

If you have collected your two-wheeler with additional non-electric accessories and high-end electric accessories, it is also recommended that you insure them. These valuable accessories, if damaged, can result in loss, so additional coverage provides support and covers for loss. The estimated cost of accessories at the time of purchase is supposed to be provided in order to claim the maximum of the coverage policy.

Zero amortization cover:

Traditionally, depreciation and replacement of spare parts for two-wheelers have to be paid for by motorcyclists after an accident. However, by paying an additional premium, the rider has the choice of purchasing zero depreciation. In this case, the responsibility to cover the cost of spare parts and the depreciation value rests with the bicycle insurance company. The replacement of fiber, plastic or rubber components of the two-wheeler is the main cost covered by this plan.

Ultimately, it’s about enjoying the journey of life with your possessions. So remove all doubts and enjoy the ride with peace of mind!

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