Aster RV Hospital successfully performs double lung transplant in 30-year-old woman

In a rare case, Aster RV Hospital successfully performed a double lung transplant in a 30-year-old woman with severe bronchiectasis. According to reports from 2020, only around 200 have been conducted in India. The patient, Kritika, a legal researcher by profession, had suffered from bronchiectasis since her childhood, which seriously affected her quality of life. She suffered from repeated hospitalizations throughout her life due to persistent lung infections, making her dependent on oxygen and Bipap.

According to the evaluations and recommendations of several doctors, a lung transplant would be the best option to significantly improve her quality of life and life expectancy, as she was at high risk of succumbing to a serious lung infection. Very few establishments offer this procedure in India as it is a complex surgery that requires specialized technical know-how and training. Lung transplant surgery is typically performed through deceased organ donation, making it a challenge for those in need.

Explained Dr Sandeep Attawar, President and Director of Chest Organ Transplants and Assistive Devices at KIMS Heart & Lung Transplant Institute, “Kritika is a special girl with a caring family. She has the joy of living , which this crippling lung disease almost threatened to cut short. Her surgery and recovery were expected to be a complex undertaking, especially given the twin challenges of a sensitized immune system and her physical frailty. overcame it all with courage, determination and a desire to live a healthy, normal life. “

“Lung conditions that have progressed significantly or continue to progress rapidly despite optimal medical management would require lung transplantation as the only hope. Such conditions would include COPD, bronchiectasis, interstitial lung disease, severe pulmonary hypertension, cystic lung disease, etc. Said Dr Pavan Yadav, Senior Consultant – Interventional Pulmonology and Lung Transplantation, Aster RV Hospital.

Bronchiectasis is a condition of the lungs characterized by damage and resulting scar tissue in the bronchi, which results in a buildup of mucus in the lungs. In Kritika’s case, this developed from childhood. Unfortunately, this disease cannot be completely cured, but can be managed.

After receiving a suitable donor call, she was admitted to Aster RV Hospital and underwent a double lung transplant which lasted approximately 6 hours and after the surgery she was transferred to the nursing unit. intensive transplantation for further monitoring. Providing such complex and comprehensive care under strict isolation precautions is a huge challenge. With the Covid infection still present, this makes the job more difficult.

“There were other challenges associated with the surgery as well, for example patients with extensive bronchiectasis suffer from gradual weight loss and low BMI. Due to the lack of appetite and the low albumin content, pulmonary rehabilitation can be a challenge in these patients. the postoperative period and was weaned from the ventilator in 2 days. Due to her low body weight and poor nutritional status, she needed a more rigorous diet and physiotherapy, ”explained Dr Pavan.

“It was an important decision for us to make and we were worried about it. But things turned out well and we decided to proceed with the operation after extensive research as it would end a lot of my suffering. girl. She is a very strong girl and has fought with a smile throughout her life but we know how difficult it has been for her. We have placed our trust in the hands of our doctor and we are very happy with the successful operation, the sensitivity with which we were treated and the care of the hospital staff, ”said Kritika’s father.

“I was afraid of the operation, but realized it was the best option for my long-term health and the doctors at Aster RV Hospital were reassuring and encouraging. Throughout the experience, the nurses and doctors went out of their way to make me feel supported and cared for. I can’t wait to come home and live a new life! ” said the patient. She called on more people to come forward and register for organ donation or opt for deceased organ donation to give a second chance to those in need.

Kritika was placed under post-transplant care and made a smooth recovery after the operation.

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