Auto Body Shop is keeping the man’s truck in Ontario, Canada for eight months

March 3, 2022 – According to a CTV News Torornto article, an Ontarian who had a collision eight months ago says a body shop has held his truck since then and won’t return it because he can’t locate part for that. “It’s been a strain on my job, my life and not having my truck for eight months. It’s crazy,” Dillon Gerelus, a construction worker from Etobicoke, said in the story.

Gerelus brought his 2017 Ford F-150 pickup truck in June 2021 and was initially told it should be fixed in a few weeks. But eight months later, he is still waiting for a failing seatbelt sensor.

Without the part, his truck is considered unsafe on the road and cannot be returned to him. According to the story, after the accident, Gerelus received a rental car through his insurance company, but after six weeks he had to return it. “They wanted me to rent a car to them for $1,200 a month, which would have been $9,600 by now,” Gelelus explains in the story.

CTV News Toronto contacted Ford of Canada regarding the seat belt sensor and a spokesperson replied: “The required part has been located and we have contacted the customer to schedule the necessary work including brakes and rotors , free.”

Gerelus should be back on the road shortly. “I was so happy it looked like I had won the lottery. My mom was crying, it was a whole thing,” he says.

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