Auto theft, especially catalytic converter theft, is on the increase.


According to an analysis of federal crime data by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the industry, auto theft has increased dramatically in the United States during the pandemic, increasing nearly 10% year-over-year in 2020, a decrease of two years. I reversed it. An organization that focuses on insurance fraud.

In addition, catalytic converter thefts have exploded across the country, increasing by more than 400% in the past year. This increase is linked to the precious metals (platinum, palladium, rhodium) contained in these emission controls.

What can you do to prevent the catalytic converter from being torn off or to prevent the whole vehicle? We cannot guarantee that your car will not be stolen, but you can get the right kind of auto insurance and you don’t have to pay for it.

Does auto insurance cover stolen cars?

For the press in your case The car is stolen (And not found), you must take out comprehensive insurance.

But don’t expect full claims insurance checks to cover the cost of a new car. Insurance companies usually pay a decent amount when a car is stolen. This is usually much less than the cost of the new model.

P&C insurance also includes a standard deduction that the insurer must pay before paying for the insurance. For example, if your car is worth $ 5,000 when it is stolen and you have a deduction of $ 500, you will receive a check for $ 4,500.

Does my insurance cover stolen parts?

In addition to paying if the car is stolen Back to back insurance It provides coverage in the event of theft of auto parts such as keys and catalytic converters. Full insurance will be provided for damage and property if the car is recovered or if only a part is stolen.

Consider this scenario. Someone steals your car, stains the carpet, and happily rips up your seat. I found a car, but I am not feeling well. Spencer Houldin, co-chairman of independent insurance agency Ericson Insurance Advisors, says vandalism remains a comprehensive insurance policy.

However, despite its name, comprehensive insurance does not cover everything.

You must have home or renters insurance to pay for personal effects taken out of your car. Also, if you want to use the rental car for free when purchasing a new car, you will need to reimburse the rental car.

Full coverage is “Full coverage insurance“This means that your policy covers your car, in addition to damage to others in the accident. The latter is generally covered by compulsory liability insurance.

How to save full coverage

P&C insurance is relatively affordable, but if you have a mortgage or lease, you will need to purchase collision compensation, which can be expensive. Some insurers do not sell collision compensation as a whole or vice versa, but many do.

Still, finding cheap auto insurance is not difficult.

But Holdin is warning consumers to look past the price. “You want to make sure you understand the contract and the coverage, and you want to insure a reputable business. “

How to protect your car

Auto theft can happen to anyone, but there are relatively simple steps you can take to stop a thief.

Do not leave the key in the car. Theft is often a crime of expediency, although it may appear harmless if the car is parked in a driveway. According to the National Health Insurance Crime Bureau, keys remained in about 11% of stolen vehicles in 2019.

To confine. Always lock the doors and trunk and roll the car windows.

Park your car in a safe place. Park in the garage, in a bright place or in a highly visible place. We recommend that you use a security camera when parking in public places. Do not leave your car in an unattended parking lot for long periods of time.

Consider installing motion-sensing security lighting A place to park at night. These lights can scare thieves away.

Use an anti-theft system. This includes car alarms, tracking systems, external steering wheel locks, glass etching, and tire locks. You can also purchase a dedicated anti-theft device for the catalytic converter.

Install a vehicle securing device It can prevent thermal wiring of your car. Devices can include kill switches, smart keys, and wireless ignition authentication.

Do not leave valuables In a car like a wallet, jewelry, a laptop. According to the NICB, thieves can prevent you from breaking into your car, stealing items, cleaning elsewhere, and getting your attention. If you absolutely must leave something in the trunk, move it before you reach a congested area. Car prowlers can watch to see if something is moving in the trunk.

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Auto theft, especially catalytic converter theft, is on the increase.

Auto theft, especially catalytic converter theft, is on the increase.

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