Bikesure reveals six of the best motorcycle trackers

Whether you own an expensive sports bike, a treasured custom classic, or a super cool scooter, installing a reliable tracker will give you confidence that your bike will be safely recovered if it’s stolen.

There are a wide variety of tracking systems on the market, from expensive devices tied to automatic alerts and subscription fees, to cheaper options that you can install yourself, even with limited DIY knowledge.

Your budget can determine which tracker you buy, so you also need to factor in subscription costs for some of the more sophisticated systems. Some have an upfront hardware cost, plus a monthly, annual, or three-year subscription fee.

Here, the team at Bikesure, the specialist motorcycle insurance company, identify some of their favorite trackers.

Some of our favorite trackers

1. VeloTrac

This Thatcham-approved tracker has a recovery rate of over 90% for stolen bikes. It also works using radio frequency detection, so wherever your bike has been taken, this tracker will be able to locate it.

2. Tracker Battery Powered Recovery Unit

Designed for vehicles that are not used frequently, the Tracker Battery Powered Recovery Unit is unlikely to drain your battery as its supply will last up to five years. It is also homologated with Thatcham category 7.

3. Monimoto Tracker

Costing around £150, the Monimoto tracks your bike via GPS and will alert you via an app if there’s movement when there shouldn’t be.

4. Datatool TraKKING Adventure

Fitted to all Honda bikes with customer approval and available for purchase separately, the TraKKING Adventure has earned the “KING” name and is one of the big boys on the market. It’s Thatcham approved, GPS-based and available by subscription.

5. Freezing Meta Trak S5

Developed as a direct result of the increase in bike theft, the Meta Trak S5 Deadlock promises to immobilize and track your motorcycle if stolen.

6. Secure auto-tracking

If a subscription-based motorcycle tracker is a bit pricey for you, one option could be the Secure AutoTrack, which costs around £150 and works via a SIM card. Most passengers install a £10 prepaid SIM card and top it up when needed.

Even crawler bikes need extra protection

Keeping your bike safe may deter some thieves, but there’s no guarantee it won’t be damaged in an attempted attack. And in some cases, the worst can still happen.

That’s why it’s so important to buy the best motorcycle insurance coverage for you and your needs.

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