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ELIZABETHTON – The Carter County Commission Budget Committee discussed several major expenses at its regular monthly meeting on Monday evening and voted to recommend full commission approval of some of the projects.

The committee had a lengthy discussion on the use of US bailout funding for the compensation of county employees who served the public during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as part of the compensation for essential employees. No action has been taken as the committee is awaiting detailed payslips.

Commissioner Nancy Brown, who is not a member of the committee this year, said she believes essential employee compensation is important and that she will not approve other ARP spending before employee compensation.

Several courthouse projects were on the agenda. The committee referred a project to replace the metal gutters and cornice trim on the original building and the addition of the courthouse, as well as the replacement of the 113 exterior windows of the courthouse. The total cost of the project was $ 1,025,410. The project was referred to the Buildings and Lands Committee for further study.

The committee voted to recommend another courthouse project to the entire commission. This was an expansion of the county floor space on the second floor of the courthouse.

The changes would increase the office space of the Department of Finance by converting a boardroom and the existing veterans’ service officer room into additional offices. This project would cost $ 312,327.

Carter County landfill manager Benny Lyons received a surprise from the committee when he submitted a request to purchase a new road tractor and used truck for the landfill and recycling operations. The committee asked Lyon if it would not be better to buy a new rolling truck instead of a used one.

Lyon has long been known to settle for used and old equipment at the landfill, but recent purchases of new equipment have paid off for the solid waste department, which was paying heavily on maintenance and repair bills.

The biggest dividend was a new bailer for the recycling operation. This purchase and installation took place just as cardboard recycling was reaching its peak. The county is now scrambling to get more cardboard for the efficient and fast scoop and recycling has become profitable.

The lessor encouraged the committee to continue upgrading the landfill’s equipment, and the committee voted unanimously to recommend that the committee approve the purchase of two new vehicles at a cost of over $ 300,000. . The money would come from an interdepartmental loan, where the county would provide the landfill service with money from the fund balance to purchase the new equipment and the landfill repay the county fund balance in installments.

The surprised Lyon admitted that he hadn’t expected the committee’s action and told members that if they wanted to buy two new vehicles for his department, it would be better to buy the road tractor and a new one. front loading truck. He said he would be able to purchase the second-hand rolling truck, since the operation was able to purchase a new rolling truck as part of the insurance settlement when the dump garage burned down a few years ago. years.

Lyons warned committee members not to expect current financial trends to always turn in the county’s favor. He said recycling prices were a roller coaster ride and he didn’t expect the current high prices to stay there.

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