City Council discusses CPST projects

Mayor Foster Senn and Jana Boice, Director of Human Resources for the City of Newberry, show up with the 2021 South Carolina Municipal Insurance and Risk Finance Fund Risk Management Award. The city had the modifier lowest member experience in the state for cities with more than 150 employees.

Andy Husk | The Newberry Watcher

NEWBERRY – Newberry City Council discussed potential sales tax on investment projects (CPST) plans, potential bonuses from city employees for those who worked during the pandemic, and a litany of news business at the November 9 meeting.

Following council visits to Union Town and Newberry Recreation Complex, council decided that improvements to the Newberry Recreation Complex should be one of the projects submitted to County Council for consideration for allocation. CPST funds.

Possible improvements to the recreation complex could include

• Improvements and expansion of the Gully Washer splash pad.

• Installation of a Miracle Field.

• Improvements to the building / cabin by the lake.

• Fishing pier on Hidden Lake.

• Installation of a zipline course.

• Paved footpaths.

• Landscaping improvements possibly including an arboretum.

• Addition of a skate park.

• Construction of picnic shelters.

• Installation of an aerator for Hidden Lake.

• Addition of a disc golf course.

• Expansion of play areas.

As a second proposal to the CPST Board of Directors, the Town of Newberry is seeking to rebuild a bridge on Drayton Street, located near Willowbrook Park.

City council will submit preliminary plans to council by the end of November. In either case, improvements to the recreation complex or Drayton Street Bridge must be approved by the CPST Board of Directors as the appropriate use of penny sales tax funds. The projects supported by the funding will be decided in spring / summer 2022.

In CEO Matt Dewitt’s financial report, it was mentioned that federal COVID relief money would be used to give bonuses to city employees. The amounts suggested by Dewitt ranged from $ 100 for part-time employees to $ 250, $ 500 and $ 1,000, depending on the employee’s job title. Mayor Foster Senn suggested that these amounts may be small compared to other cities, and that council would like to evaluate the plan. This will be part of a special meeting called at a later date, with the aim of paying the bonuses before the Thanksgiving holiday.

In other cases:

• Council adopted a proclamation that Arbor Day be celebrated on December 3, with tree planning at Gallman Elementary School. Senn mentioned that Newberry has been named Tree City USA two years in a row and would like it to be three.

• The Town of Newberry also received the 2021 South Carolina Municipal Insurance and Risk Finance Fund Risk Management Award. Senn and Director of Human Resources Jana Boice presented the award to council.

• An update was provided by Tourism and Events Program Manager Bridget Carey on Main Street Lights for the Christmas season.

“This year, the tree arrives Tuesday, November 16 from Avery Farms in North Carolina. Then we will have an addition this year, there will be ornaments for the tree, ”said Carey.

The ornaments will be royal blue and gold accentuating the lights this year. The tree lighting ceremony will take place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on November 19.

• Main Street Lights Presidents James and Christina Henricks thanked the community for the support and donations to the downtown Christmas festivities.

In new business:

• Council unanimously approved a charge for Wise Street Park required by South Carolina State Parks and Recreation. Commitment is required to qualify for grant funding that has been approved for park improvements.

• The budget calendar for the 2022-23 fiscal year was approved unanimously. The budget work sessions will take place on May 4 and 5 with a potential third session following the regular council meeting on May 10, 2022.

• Council unanimously approved the jury roll for 2022. The jury roll is drawn from registered voters in the town of Newberry.

• The first of two readings to approve ordinance # 2021-1017 amending the zoning ordinance prohibiting the lighting of digital signs from 11 p.m. to sunrise was adopted unanimously. Currently, the ordinance only applies to electronic billboard, any similar sign must be located at least 500 feet from a residence and some distance from I-26. Details will be considered for second reading at the December meeting.

• Two first readings applying to TMS 397-1-2-37 (1407 Chapman Drive) were adopted unanimously. Order 2021-1018 is a request to annex said property to the Town of Newberry, and Order 2021-1019 is a request to change the zoning to residential R10 as recommended by the Planning Commission. Both ordinances will have a public hearing and a second reading scheduled for the December council meeting.

• Ordinance 1021-1020 authorizing the lease-purchase of an automated side-loading garbage truck was adopted on first reading. Truist Financial Corp. (formerly BB&T Bank) will finance the agreement. Dewitt said the lifespan of a garbage truck for Newberry is around four to five years and the city is in need of a replacement. The city currently has a main truck and an emergency unit. City Councilor Lemont Glasgow asked about the elimination of the rescue unit when buying a new truck. Dewitt said it would be sold on This ordinance will be discussed at second reading at the December meeting.

• A request for exterior water and sewerage was unanimously approved for 907 Kendall Road, pending payment of ancillary costs of $ 1,200 and exterior plumbing costs of $ 1,400.

• Council also considered a resolution to add a color to the Architectural Review Board (ARB) color scheme for the building located at 1109 Caldwell Street (formerly Munson Music). Sherwin Williams 2847 Roycroft Bottle Green was requested as a trim color at the ARB meeting on October 21. The ARB approved the color at its meeting; however, city council is required to approve any changes to the color scheme. After discussing the trim and accent color requirements, the motion was carried unanimously.

Andy Husk is the editor of The Newberry Observer, contact him at 803-768-3117.

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