City News: Prepare to Vote on November 2


The Public Property Division performs preventive maintenance on the masonry of Town Hall.

It's time to register for the Beaver Meadow Winter League on the Golf Simulator!

Now’s the time to sign up for the Beaver Meadow Winter League on the Golf Simulator!

The city manager’s office sent out the city manager’s newsletter last Friday. The full newsletter can be found by going to and clicking on the “Newsletter” button. Here are some highlights:

The election is Tuesday

Sample election ballots can be viewed online at: Additional information is available at

For more information on the upcoming elections, contact the city clerk’s office at (603) 225-8500 or email [email protected] The City Clerk’s office is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with extended hours until 6 p.m. Thursday.

Private developments

Several private development projects got underway this month, including 227 Sheep Davis Road (expansion of the Salvation Army building), 306 Loudon Road (Popeye’s), 264-268 Sheep Davis Road (Atlantic Broadband utility building) ) and a new new development on Josiah Bartlett Road across from Welcome Drive.

City meetings

Municipal meetings will be held in person in the Council Chamber at 37 Green Street (unless otherwise specified in the municipal calendar). Upcoming meetings include:

Zoning Adjustment Council: November 3, 7 p.m.

City Council: November 8, 7 p.m.

Zoning Adjustment Council: November 10, 7 p.m.

Planning tip: November 17, 7 p.m.

Alder Creek culvert work; trick-or-treat

Alder Creek Drive is closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic during culvert replacement. Access to the development via Abbott Road is prohibited, access to this development during Halloween will be via Fisherville Road. Please share this information with all neighbors, friends and family who are cheating or dealing in the area.

Roadworks at the Hoit / Whitney Road intersection

Progress continues on the private site of the Exit 17 interchange development, with further work on underground utilities, road leveling and completion of the future liquor store and market basket .

Storrs Street Legislative Parking Garage Work

The state has a team of contractors working on the reclamation of the patio and support structure of the Legislative Parking Garage on Storrs Street. This work will include intermittent lane closures and maintenance of one-way traffic under the garage, as well as closures of parking spaces and sidewalks. Work is expected to continue until October.

The city is recruiting

Check out the city’s vacancies page at for a list of full-time and seasonal vacancies. For full-time positions, the City of Concord offers a very competitive total compensation package. Benefits include medical, dental, life insurance, long and short term disability insurance, flexible spending account (FSA), dependents’ reimbursement account, annual leave, 12 days paid holidays, sick leave, retirement, the optional 457 plans and the wellness program. Medical benefits begin on the first of the month after 30 days, plans have deductibles as low as $ 500 per person, HSAs and some plans that the employee pays as little as 5% of the premium.

Temporarily closed RV waste station

The recreational vehicle treatment plant at the Hall Street Wastewater Treatment Facility is temporarily closed due to construction activities. It should reopen on Monday, November 1. Hours of operation will resume Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. We appreciate the understanding of the community.

Town hall masonry project

The city’s public property division is performing preventive maintenance on the city hall masonry near the city auditorium. The work is expected to be completed in approximately five weeks, depending on weather conditions, and is being carried out by Milestone Engineering & Construction and ProPoint Restoration. The parking spaces and the driveway adjacent to the Audi will have limited access during this project. The first row of parking will not be available and two disabled parking spaces have been moved to the next row. Access to the aisle will reopen after opening hours.

All work in the area will be suspended and the parking lot will be fully accessible to voters on November 2 for the municipal election.

We thank the community for their cooperation and understanding.

City looking for the next flex technician intern

Concord General Services is looking for its next Flex Maintenance / Operations Technician intern! This full-time paid internship program was launched in 2018 as an entry-level job opportunity to train someone looking to start a career in public works. Trainees are trained in all divisions of the department to gain experience and certifications which can then advance them to a permanent full-time open position. So far, four interns have successfully completed this program and each continues to thrive in their new permanent position.

Conner Bailey was the first Flex Operations / Maintenance Technician. He acquired a variety of skills through on-the-job training for administration, solid waste, public property maintenance, water utilities and road maintenance. After four months of a quick internship, Conner developed the skills to confidently apply and be offered the laborer / truck driver position within the Highways and Utilities division. His internship experience and proven work ethic put him ahead of other applicants and ultimately landed him the job. He has since obtained his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and has worked and used trucks, backhoes, loaders and other equipment to maintain the city’s roads. Watch Conner’s testimonial video to learn more about his internship experience.

Now, the search continues for the next Flex Maintenance / Operations Technician intern. This internship differs from other internships as it is a full-time paid 40 hour per week position (with additional hours required) and includes a flexible benefits package, paid time off, annual leave, enrollment in the NH pension system, annual merit salary increases, and more. This is the ideal position for someone who wants to start a career in public works and continue to move up the ranks. The work includes the practical maintenance and operation of the infrastructure, equipment and public property of the Town of Concord. Duties include the construction, repair, cleaning and maintenance of city streets, water and sewer systems and facilities. The position requires the employee to obtain a CDL within six months of being hired and will increase base pay by 5% more when a CDL is used at work. Other certifications may be required depending on the subsequent position, but training will be accessible. Anyone interested in applying or knowing more about the internship can visit to find a complete job description and complete an application.

Collection of autumn leaves

The Concord Fall Leaf Collection will be back with a loose leaf drive starting November 1 and a bagged leaf drive starting November 22.

The loose leaf collection will begin on November 1 and will continue weather permitting until December 10, focusing on residential areas of the city’s drainage system. Residents can rake loose leaves all the way to the sidewalk for a one-time pickup. Leaf loaders without caterpillars will be used, requiring residents to completely rake all leaves on the street so that the leaves are accessible for collection with this equipment. Avoid stacking sheets and keep sheets tight along the curb or road / sidewalk edge to keep streets clear. Please avoid parking on the street from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. until the collection is completed on the street so as not to block access to the leaves.

Three teams from the Highways and Utilities division of Concord General Services will be collecting the leaves in different areas of the city. This year, teams will start collecting in the following areas: Team 1 will start at Blossom Hill Cemetery and work south. Team 2 will start on Elm Street in Penacook and work south. Crew 3 will start on Manchester Street and work north. Check out the Fall Leaves Collection Team Area Map to see a city-wide map of locations where teams plan to collect for bulk collection, focusing on the Drainage Drainage System. the city. Once collection has begun, residents can view the Fall Leaves Collection Map on the city’s website to see where teams have completed collection.

Beaver Meadow Golf Course

Events to come:

Scramble Trick-or-Treat for two: October 30

CO-Fang Scottish Mixed Championship: October 31

Turkey Turning: November 13

If you would like to register or get more information on any of these upcoming events, please call the Pro Shop at (603) 228-8954.

Register for Simulator Winter League: Fall is here and winter will be here before you know it. The 2022 Winter League will start the first week of December and end the last week of March. Popular times will go quickly! Please call the pro shop to reserve your time slot.

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