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There is a story people love to tell that car storage space is necessary for local businesses to thrive.

As someone who doesn’t own a car, it bothers me every time I come across this argument. What not owning a car is freeing up so much money so that you don’t throw the drain of owning a car. I could elaborate in this article on other costs associated with owning a car (fuel, maintenance, etc.), but the comparable cost of auto insurance is $ 0 if you just don’t drive, which facilitates the calculation. Plus, the money is definitely leaving the community with the paltry exception of the few local people who work in auto insurance sales, and the money never comes back.

On average, It looks like people in my age range spend about $ 1,000 a year on insurance alone, if you don’t have an accident. $ 83 per month. $ 21 per week. This is enough to have a little discretionary spending every week. Here are a few things you can do to keep the money in the community each week instead of going to insurance giants (and as an added bonus, you don’t have to travel to the suburbs to do any of these things. ! or usable).

Fill up on burrito a taco truck and relax with a beer and some sports on TV at a local brewery. Enjoy the music with a few tickets to a show at a small place, watch a play at a little different place, or enjoy a real cinematic experience in a small cinema room (when it’s a good idea to do these things again for you). Take home a small piece of art from a art fair. Get crafting supplies locally instead of Amazon.

Cleanse your body with a few bars of fancy soap from vendor to the farmer’s market. Buy a meal for someone who is hungry. Take the tab at a restaurant or take away place for a friend’s meal. Pay a bread subscription for a delicious bread prepared by a couple of local bakers. Get a pie from the place of the pie it’s so good that you have to participate in a lottery to be able to buy one.

Or have a week of auto insurance. Up to you.

Local store: store without a car.

Image Credit: “I just saved a bundle!” by Christa Moseng.

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