Cyclist fined after attaching gasoline engine to his bike to help him climb steep slopes


A cyclist was fined after attaching a gasoline engine to his bicycle to help him climb steep slopes.

Lee Middleton, 37, admitted to using a motor vehicle without insurance, driving a vehicle without a license and riding a motorcycle on a road without a protective helmet at Teesside Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Teeside Live report that Middleton was arrested by police on January 11 after hearing a “ very loud engine noise ”.

Middleton had fitted the bike with a small gasoline engine to help it manage the steep slopes in his area.

However, he was told his modifications meant the motorcycle was now classified as a motor vehicle and therefore required a license, insurance and a helmet.

An engine powered by a gas tank moved the rear wheel, the judges learned.

Paul Dixon, mitigating, said Middleton ‘had difficulty’ going up and down a steep hill on his bike, and the motor was designed to help him when he was caught by an officer in Errington Street.

He said: “The motor is such a small motor that it helps a bit to go up hills but wouldn’t get you to high speed.

“The offense was committed in ignorance of the law.”

Magistrates sentenced Middleton, of Brotton, to a fine of £ 120, a victim fine surcharge of £ 34 and costs £ 85 – a total of £ 239.

He also received eight penalty points.

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