Escape of love and support for injured Farnam firefighter

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – Volunteer firefighters and other responders go to bed every night with their pagers nearby. They go to basketball games and church, or they sit down to eat with their family, and the pagers go off. In April 2022, the pagers went off seemingly without interruption.

Farnam’s Travis Metzler is one of the volunteers who responded to a Road 737 Wildfire page. He left his family without question and went to help his fellow volunteers. The terrain in the fields and canyons of Nebraska, the hills and the valleys, don’t always agree with the vehicles, not to mention the large fire trucks equipped with equipment. It was in the early events, south of Elwood, that Metzler operated equipment from the rear of such a rig, in such an environment. With smoke all around him and a fire closing in, Metzler and his team unfortunately suffered a reversal. Metzler felt the truck move under him and he jumped over the back, badly breaking bones in several places in his body.

Huge turnout for Farnam benefit at Farnam Fire Station.(Melanie Standiford)
Travis Metzler injured in fire on Route 737
Travis Metzler injured in fire on Route 737(Melanie Standiford)

On Sunday, the community answered the call to come to his aid.

A benefit brunch at the Farnam Fire Station was a success. Chief Klein said he knew the turnout would be good.

“I knew it would be big, but I didn’t know it would be this big.”

They came in droves and firefighters and other volunteers prepared hundreds of pancakes, eggs, hash browns and sausages. People laughed together and ate. They greeted Metzler and offered him thanks and “recovery” wishes. And they donated to the benefit. Well over $20,000 has been raised to help Metzler with costs not covered by insurance and things like travel to appointments as he has a long road to recovery.

More donations are pouring in from a community and beyond that truly appreciates Metzler and other volunteer firefighters and responders. If you want to help, you can. You can send a check payable to “Farnam Fire Benefit” and addressed to: Farnam Village Clerk, PO Box 7, Farnam, NE 69029.

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