Green Bay woman charged with other counts of theft in fraud investigation



GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WBAY) – A woman accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars has been formally charged with other counts of theft.

Theresa Lasee, 42, now faces one count of Criminal Theft – Personal Property over $ 100,000 and two counts of Criminal Theft between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000. The charges were filed Wednesday afternoon in Brown County court.

As Action 2 News first reported on Tuesday, investigators say Lasee is indicted in a “major financial fraud investigation.” Two other criminal complaints – one filed in July and another in August – charge Lasee with seven counts of theft. With Wednesday’s complaint, Lasee now faces a total of 10 felony charges.

In the complaint filed Wednesday, a man identified as JTW says he sold his business in 2019 and the building in 2020. He says Lasee was one of his employees, and that she handled all money transactions. day to day, knew all account numbers. , and was also her personal accountant – she handled all of her personal money and transactions, as well as for her brother and mothers.

The documents say JTW received $ 559,932.75 for his business on October 21, 2019 and left everything in one bank account. He goes on to say that he then realized that all the money was gone and that he received notices that he was not paying the payments for the vehicle, which he said that Lasee was is busy. He also states in the complaint that he discovered several payments he never had, such as a Capital One, an apartment, insurance premiums and payments to people he doesn’t know. Additionally, court documents indicate that Lasee has issued checks to herself for a total of $ 100,000 since October 2019, and JTW says he never gave Lasee – or anyone else – the permission to take his money.

Another victim, identified in the complaint as the 71-year-old VAG from Green Bay, claims Lasee financially exploited him. The complaint states that Lasee met VAG twice, collected five checks from him and said the money would be allocated to a policy for him, however, it states that the money was used by Lasee to pay his personal mortgage. GAW estimates he lost over $ 8,200.

Another victim, identified as a 92-year-old woman from Green Bay with the initials of FEW, says Lasee accessed her insurance and investment accounts and – without FEW’s permission or knowledge – used the funds from the accounts to be dispersed into a financial account that belonged to JTW. Court documents indicate that Lasee had access and control over these accounts, and emptied them. FEW’s loss for this incident was determined to be over $ 7,500.

Additionally, documents indicate that Lasee allegedly attempted to wire $ 21,000 from police held by FEW – the complaint says Lasee was forced to surrender – to a third party in Tennessee, but the bank and FEW’s daughter, identified in the complaint as SLB, stopped the transaction. However, the complaint states that FEW lost more than $ 11,670 due to redemption fees.

Documents indicate that in August 2021, SLB contacted the police and it was discovered that Lassee had forged FEW’s signature on several documents, including a surrender of a life insurance policy, as well as a payment. valued at $ 42,000. Police said they spoke with SLB about other documents, including a $ 21,000 wire transfer to a Tennessee woman. PEU, according to the complaint, believed the money was being used to purchase a policy.

According to court documents, police spoke to the Tennessee woman who was supposed to receive the wire transfers, identified as Jessica Holmes. Police told Holmes and her husband Edward that the source of the funds used to purchase the motorcycle they sold to a man was obtained fraudulently. They then gave information to the police, claiming in the complaint that a woman was paying for the bike on behalf of her boyfriend, adding that there were three sons, which is why Holmes’ bank had denied it. Banks have reported that wire transfers are an indicator of wire fraud. The wire transfer, according to court documents, says the sender said she bought a vehicle from a sister, and Jessica Holmes told police she doesn’t have a sister in Wisconsin.

Eventually, documents say the couple told police that the man who bought the bike went to Tennessee and took an Uber or cab to their home, and gave them $ 25,000 in cash to pay for the motorbike. The complaint states that Edward recalled being upset about the wire transfer fees and the buyer told him the buyer would pay all the fees, which Edward did not believe, adding that he thought the guy was full of shit. .

In a court appearance on Wednesday, the state recommended a $ 50,000 cash bond and cited two pending felony cases for Lasee, one with its own $ 10,000 bond.

Additionally, the state said Lasee was pressured to flee and had the money to do so due to her crime.

Meanwhile, the defense argued that since Lasee had no records prior to these charges and had gone to the attorney’s office, they requested $ 10,000 bail.

In the end, a signing bond of $ 50,000 was ordered by the judge, along with all state conditions, which called for not coming into contact with certain people or their residences, among others.

Lasee is currently scheduled to appear in court on October 14.

If found guilty, she faces jail time, a heavy fine, or both.

Action 2 News is following this story and will continue to provide updates as we learn more.

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