Honda CB500X: long test review

I’ve always said the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is my perfect all-rounder bike to have in my garage. Now I would add the Honda CB500X as a worthy alternative.

BHPian neil.jericho recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Earlier this year I had shared a few posts on this thread here and later here that covered my thoughts on the Honda CB500X. As I have been following the bike closely for years, I know what many international market veterans have said after riding tens of thousands of miles, what quality levels to expect etc.

I ended up having a long test drive of the Honda CB500X and it reinforced everything I saw and heard about the bike. After an hour and a half, I reluctantly returned the keys to the people at the dealership because I really enjoyed my time with the bike. This is yet another over-designed gem of a bike from the brave folks at Honda!

In summary

  • Don’t let the 47.5 HP count fool you into thinking this is a boring Honda. I had a lot of fun with the bike!
  • If you want a bike to handle everyday rush hour traffic, Friday night cafes with friends, Saturday grocery shopping to buy veg, Sunday morning rides for breakfast, quarterly trips to a nearby hill station and the ten day trip once a year, then this is the perfect bike for you.
  • This bike gives you all the advantages of a big bike (looks, power, effortless highway navigation, easy overtaking) without any of the usually associated drawbacks (bulky weight at low speed, heavy clutch, engine heat, unusable power). It truly is the best of both worlds.
  • Over the past few years I have tested the Africa Twin (first generation DCT), CBR650F, CB650R and really liked most of them. I thought I had found the perfect bike with the CB650R but after riding the CB500X a considerable distance I had to re-evaluate my choices. If a boffin from HMSI woke up in a good mood and asked me to collect the keys to any bike in their test fleet so I could ride for a month, I would take the CB500X. It is obvious.
  • I’ve always maintained that the Interceptor 650 is my perfect utility bike to have in my garage. Now I would add the Honda CB500X as a worthy alternative. Both are great bikes.
  • There has been a lot of talk lately about the Tiger Sport 660 and how it will be a better option than the CB500X. MCN suggested the bike is a sporty version of the Street Triple 675. That tells me everything I need to know about the new Triumph. If I can sum up the Honda and the Triumph, I will say the CB500X is a big little bike and the Tiger Sport 660 is a big little bike.

Money without a bar, if I could buy a motorcycle to add to my garage tomorrow it would be the Honda CB500X. Yes, even on new and used options like the Tiger 900/800, Versys 650/1000, VStrom 650, Ninja 1000, ZX10R, Street Triple RS 765 and all other big bikes in all segments. . As a product, the CB500X is the perfect bike for my kind of versatile riding.

Sadly, the CB500X is overpriced by at least a few lakhs and Honda has to consider offering the same no-road tax, no insurance fees for the CB500X, which it has provided for some of its bigger motorcycles. . Or something better. Only then can bikers like me think of heading to the nearest Big Wing dealership with a checkbook in hand.

Here is what BHPian Rachit.K.Dogra had to say about it:

I can’t share how much I can’t wait to have this bike. I can also pay extra for a finely crafted product. But if the Premium is 3 lakhs, unfortunately it is out of my affordability league.

True to what you said. If I want to add 1 bike to my garage today from all big ADV or whatever, that’s it.

Hopefully, it will be the test of the BMW G 310 GS soon.

Please Honda launch this bike for a fair price. Everyone loves this bike, but the price comes as a shock!

Here is what BHPian SoumenD had to say about it:

Well I guess no one in this forum or anywhere else in India thinks otherwise. Since the launch of the 500X, everyone has maintained the same booth. Besides the exorbitant sticker price, the 500X is the perfect bike for Indian conditions. Personally, I will wait for the examples used because I don’t think the folks at Honda are in the mood to change the prices.

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