Is tire and wheel maintenance a consideration in a truck accident in Indianapolis?

When a truck tire breaks, the tire debris can become a deadly projectile launched through the air and land on vehicles or cause hazardous conditions on the highway itself.

Truck maintenance is a big concern in the commercial transportation industry, as deviations in mechanical inspections and safety precautions can lead to catastrophic injury and death to drivers sharing the roads with commercial trucks and semi-trailers. trailers, as well as heavy machinery operators themselves. the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has specific regulations governing driver requirements to keep trucks safe and reduce traffic incidents require spot check equipment before each trip. Talk to an experienced truck accident lawyer if you believe improper maintenance may have caused an accident. Equipment that should be checked before trips includes:

  1. Service brakes including trailer brake fittings.
  2. Parking brakes.
  3. Lighting devices and reflectors.
  4. Steering mechanisms.
  5. Honk.
  6. Tires – it is common for a truck to lose a tire or for the tread to come off.
  7. Windscreen wipers.
  8. Coupling devices.
  9. Wheels and rims.
  10. Mirror.
  11. Emergency notification markers and equipment.

Danger of tires and wheels

Due to wear and changes in pavement conditions due to extreme cold and heat, vulnerable components on a truck is the wheels and tires, even more stressed by the type and weight of loads they have to carry. The FMCSA has specific requirements for servicing commercial carrier tires. Flying tires and tread separation accidents occur with some frequency, and the difference in size between a passenger vehicle and a tractor-trailer tire or wheel can lead to catastrophic injury and death when a tire or fast-moving wheel component strikes another vehicle or person on the roadway. Commercial motor vehicles, including tractor-trailers, have significant impacts on the safety of Indiana’s roads, as they travel more than 9.5 billion miles per year. A Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer can identify faults in maintenance that can shift fault to other parties besides a truck driver.

Loose tire injuries

Semi-trailer on highway; image by lpdesigns, via, public domain.

When a truck tire breaks, the tire debris can become a deadly projectile launched through the air and land on vehicles, or cause dangerous conditions on the freeway itself, causing drivers to swerve and lose track. control of their vehicles. Conditions that can cause a truck tire to break or come off include:

  • Under-inflation,
  • tread burn,
  • tread separation,
  • Use of spare wheel,
  • Problems with the wheel or rim.


Indiana is an “at fault” state when it comes to car accidents, and requires drivers to carry minimal property damage and auto liability insurance. Accident victims have the right to bring an action for bodily injury or property damage against an at-fault driver. This is called filing a “third party” application. The state of Indiana follows the Modified Comparative Negligence Rule, under which an individual recovers damages if they are 50% or less at fault for an accident.

Liability for wheel separation accidents

A Indiana truck accident lawyer can help identify potential defendants when a truck wheel, truck tire or other maintenance issue causes an injury on Indiana roads and these parties include:

  • Truck driver who failed to inspect tires.
  • The owner of the truck failed to service the wheels and tires.
  • Tire manufacturer in the event of tire defects.

Seek legal advice

In the event of accidental injury, property damage and/or loss of life due to a flying tire or wheel component, the accident victim shall hire an experienced truck accident lawyerwho knows the standards and laws of the industry, to investigate and prove responsibility for the accident.


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