Jacobo Bazbaz Sacal: INTERprotección is revolutionizing the insurance industry and offering innovation in these difficult times.

Jacobo Bazbaz Sacal explains the Interporteccion innovation in the insurance market

Five main actions that INTER took during the pandemic to bring safety, peace and well-being to Mexican families, while doing its work as a socially responsible company ”

– Jacobo Bazbaz Sacal

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, January 11, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – 2021 has been a complicated year for different economies and productive sectors globally. Yet, especially for the general population, the emergency caused by COVID-19 has brought significant challenges to overcome, such as unemployment, unforeseen expenses due to illness, and uncertainty in the face of constant changes in social life. and economical. As a result of the pandemic, the company has faced situations for which it was not prepared. However, this period allowed people to consider the risks they face every day, fostering a culture of prevention.

INTERprotección, a proudly Mexican company with 40 years of experience in the insurance, reinsurance and surety market, which offers comprehensive risk management and advice in the Mexican and foreign markets. He stood out for his creativity in times of crisis.
Jacobo Bazbaz Sacal tells us about the five main actions that INTER took during the pandemic to bring safety, tranquility and well-being to thousands of Mexican families, doing their work as a socially responsible company, in addition to actively contributing to the construction from a healthy and strong Mexico.

1. Product innovation
In the aftermath of the pandemic, the development team set out to create products that would make a difference among the population. Simple products specific to everyone’s needs. This is how COVID Protect was born. Compensation insurance protects you if you contract SARS-COV-2 virus disease and are hospitalized, giving you 50,000 pesos in assistance to cover part of your expenses.
INTER has made this product available to several companies for the benefit of their employees.
From disease protection to the protection of its assets, INTER has sought attractive solutions for people, leaving room for a series of products at affordable prices such as Bien Seguro and Car Seguro, policies from 40 pesos per month to insure the house at costs with a 30% lower than that of the competition in auto insurance.

2. Strategic alliances
The Rappitenderos have become the health contingency and essential allies for many people, since they have gone out and still take to the streets so that those who can, work from home and so that the most vulnerable are not exposed to possible contagion. , at the same time that they have supported hundreds of restaurants during the suspension of work at the point of sale and their return to operations, mitigating the impact that the situation could have on the economy of this sector.
About Jacobo BazBaz Sacal
Jacobo Bazbaz Sacal is a businessman who has been at the head of 3 different companies and currently works at Interproteccion Insurance Agent & Surety Co. He also participates in Fundación Interprotección and Fideicomiso Probosque Chapultepec. In his past career, he held several positions in other companies in the insurance industry. Jacobo Bazbaz Sacal is the second generation of insurers in his family and he works at INTERprotección, a company that serves as a link between insurers and their clients.

About INTERprotection
INTERprotección is a group of Mexican experts in insurance, reinsurance and surety brokerage. With a global presence and recognition, INTERprotección has over 40 years of experience in comprehensive risk management and consulting in the Mexican market. Its business model puts the customer first and offers the best service through innovative and disruptive products, most recently with its new brand inter.mx, its digital insurance platform that is transforming the insurtech game. About 46% of companies in the IPC, the main index of the Mexican Stock Exchange, are clients of INTERprotección. In 2018, it became the first Mexican company to sponsor the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, and they have supported “Checo” Pérez and his team in Formula 1 for 13 years.

INTER recognized this fantastic work through an alliance with Rappi® protect Rappitenderos with one-year COVID PROTECT coverage and advise them every step of the way as an expert insurance broker.
This alliance has shown that prevention is a key factor that can save lives, giving rise to new partnerships with Grupo AFAL, Grupo Shogun, Grupo Beckman, etc.
Business alliances have also made it possible to create innovative products such as Despensa Segura, the first unemployment insurance in the Mexican market, hand in hand with Up Sí Vale, cardholders of this company will benefit.

3. Significant altruism
Fourteen years ago, INTER created the INTERprotección AC Foundation, which invests in social responsibility to ensure economic growth, progress and sustainable development. Its main projects focus on education, health and environmental protection.
Thanks to this foundation, it was possible to work on 51 projects from different economic sectors. The main objective was to support those most affected during the pandemic, benefiting more than 137,000 people.
Among its main lines were:
1. Help specialists who have created parts with 3D printers to be able to double the capacity of respirators.
2. Donations of protective equipment in public hospitals, in various
3. states of the country.
4. Buy food from Mexican producers, which was then prepared and distributed every day, for two months, to doctors at the Siglo XXI hospital.
5. Support vulnerable and affected workers from different catering companies who found themselves without a fixed income and could not meet their basic needs.
6. Distribution of Covid Protect policies to workers whose work is or should be in charge of this health emergency, such as doctors, firefighters and food deliverers, as well as medicines to keep people at home.
With well-structured collaborations, efforts have been added to reach more people, highlighting those carried out with the Red Cross, Bosque de Chapultepec, Grupo Hunan, Toks and Fundación Chedraui; Checo Pérez Foundation and the K’iin Beh Foundation of the RLH hotel group, among others.

4. Culture of prevention
Only one in 10 people is insured for major medical expenses, and only three in 10 cars have auto insurance. INTER, knowing how well insurance penetration exists in the country, unlike other countries, focused on teaching how insurance works, regardless of which insurance you choose or l agent you are talking to. The “Seguro, Seguro” campaign was launched where, through the folklore of Mexican culture, she seeks to teach how insurance works, using “substitutes” such as Sofía Niño de Rivera, designing infographics, explaining what a policy is, opening the phone regardless of your insurer and placing affordable insurance in the final public market according to your needs, under the guidance and support of INTERprotección.
5. Adaptability to change
We all have in mind that insurance is expensive and complicated, agent appointments, a lot of time invested. At this time when everything is just a click away. INTER has evolved with its online platform, which facilitates the procedures and offers you essential insurance products for major medical expenses, home, car and animals through inter.MX offers you the possibility of taking out insurance quickly and easily and safe from the comfort of your home, promoting preventative social distancing and increasing e-commerce in Mexico.

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