Loki Basecamp Falcon is unlike any other motorhome

There are plenty of RVs on the market, but Loki’s Basecamp Falcon is the first that’s truly suited to outdoor enthusiasts who never want to plug into an RV park. The aluminum-bodied motorhome has many features that set it apart, including a hydraulically lifted rear door inspired by a sprinter van that blurs the line between inside and out. There’s also radiant floor heating, a roof terrace, a drain in the entrance’s rubber floor and a flexible interior that lets you rearrange the space to suit your needs.

It is built by Loki, a company that previously specialized in converting shipping containers into trade show booths. When the pandemic hit, Loki general manager Pierre Mathieu asked half of his team – mostly cyclists, runners and skiers – to reimagine what a motorhome could be. Ditching the faux wood panels and particle board construction common to too many campers, they designed a futuristic aluminum camper that’s compatible with off-grid adventures and designed for real comfort, convenience and safety while you are there.

Start with a whole new design

Starting completely from scratch, Mathieu did not want the design to rely on previous prototypes. The key here was to create a “balanced” motorhome that was totally inside the tailgate of the truck. Among the many benefits of this design would be convenience (use your truck’s backup camera instead of installing one for the RV) and increased security (when you lock your truck, you’ve also locked motorhome). Aesthetics was another top priority. “The best view is always at the back,” said Mathieu. “That’s why we made the back the only entrance, with a large door that lifts up.”

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It’s a unique design – with a switch operated hydraulic lift, heavy door and, depending on your motorhome’s design details, a spare tyre, storage boxes etc. mounted on a pop-up which must be opened before the hatch lifts. With the hatch open, a sturdy screen rolls down to cover the open space to keep insects out. A door in the screen provides easy access to the tailgate lounging area, a great place to set up a grill for outdoor cooking and blowing the breeze.

A motorhome with a changing room

The changing room is another unique Loki feature, made with a rubberized floor that makes cleaning a breeze. It has a drain, as well as a shower head attached near the door for indoor/outdoor rinsing and you can hose down the floor when needed.

Each motorhome configuration has its pros and cons. A pickup motorhome does not need separate registration or insurance. With the tailgate containing the RV, there’s also no need for a hitch extender if you want to tow gear or haul bikes on a hitch rack. Compared to a bulky trailer or pickup truck, an RV can take you virtually anywhere your truck can go. Upgrade to a new truck with the same size bed and you won’t have to buy a new motorhome. In about 20 minutes you can move the Basecamp from one vehicle to another once the appropriate mounting points are installed.

A Falcon for all seasons

The Basecamp Falcon works great in the summer and fall, but Mathieu says it really shines in the winter. The entire module has R16 insulation as well as radiant heat. Dual-density composite insulation with high thermal and acoustic properties does not absorb moisture and is an excellent vapor barrier.

“Insulation and radiant heat change everything,” says Mathieu. “Winter in the Falcon is so much fun.”

The RV has a huge externally accessible storage drawer that holds everything from camping chairs to towing gear, tools, and more. The drawer opens with the truck’s tailgate down. It is also accessible from inside. So when you store a spare bag in there and don’t want to venture out into the rain to retrieve it, you can simply grab it by lifting a panel in the floor of the motorhome.

In the kitchen, instead of a gas stove, the Falcon comes with an induction cooktop that can be stored in a cabinet for more counter space. Table tops move from the seating area to the kitchen as needed. The box spring contains ventilated aluminum panels that help to wick away moisture generated by body heat under the mattress. Fold the mattress in half and you can attach the hardware to the frame cutouts.

Tailor-made options

Loki builds each camper to order. Opt for European glass windows designed for extreme conditions or double-glazed Lexan windows. Order one with a queen-size bed and a sofa bed with an upper storage loft; swap the seat next to the sink for a storage area; or stow the spare tire under the truck so there’s more tailgate space for gear. The Basecamp is modular, so the options are limitless. All parts and pieces can be rearranged during construction and many can be moved around during use.

Because the motorhome is aluminum, the roof functions as an auxiliary deck accessed by a hatch or ladder bolted to the outside. It’s sturdy enough to walk on and is a great place to watch the sunrise or sunset with the appropriate drink in hand. We like that Loki positions the solar panels on the sloped front of the RV where they can’t step on them, and we recommend adding the rack system for additional storage.

Loki Base Camp Falcon
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The Falcon offers a stable ride even on very rough roads. While its hourglass design slants up and outward from the edge of the truck bed may feel a little heavy, it feels balanced on the road.

When it comes to logistics, Loki uses an intuitive phone- and panel-operated RedARC power management system to control lights, heat, and air conditioning, as well as its lithium battery, inverter, and charger. Mains wall outlets and USB and USB-C ports dotted around the campervan charge everything conveniently, powering the hob, electric kettle and espresso machine. You can also set a variety of lighting options to suit the mood.

A motorhome like you’ve never seen before

The Loki Basecamp Falcon is an eye-catcher. Every time we stop for gas, food, or whatever, it attracts an audience of people who want to know more about it. The interior is just as unique as the exterior. The unit has a modern industrial aesthetic with easy-to-clean surfaces, unique colors, and storage that looks more like something you’d find in a real home than an RV.

“Basecamp turns a truck into an adventure vehicle,” Mathieu said. “That’s what we were looking for.”

Loki’s base camp starts at $95,000. Learn more or book yours at lokibasecamp.com

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