Mid-Michigan Resident Says New Auto Insurance Laws Will Negatively Impact Care of Accident Victims | New



Later this week, Michigan will implement new rules for auto insurance and no-fault medical coverage.

The new insurance law is expected to reduce insurance premiums for Michigan residents.

“I feel a connection to all the other catastrophic injuries that we have walked through. We have come this route,” said Christina Pheils.

Pheils decided to put a wheelchair by the side of the road to hopefully get some attention.

The new no-fault auto insurance law is expected to come into full force in less than a week. She thinks this will have a negative impact on care.

“His accident happened in 1987. He was two years old. He was an unrestrained passenger in an automobile driven by his father,” Pheils said.

Pheils said the car his son was in was hit by a man exiting a bar and a driver from the wrong direction hit them head-on. Leaving her son with serious injuries, including a spinal cord injury.

The chair she has set up by the side of the road has the words “we can’t wait”. The chair caught the attention of a neighbor who called and asked her why she left a wheelchair in the rain.

Pheils said she had the opportunity to explain what was going on.

“He himself was like it wasn’t right. You know how can they make the law retroactive? How can they change that? How can they take away what was the law for 40 years? is what we all say, ”Pheils says.

Pheils, who is from Stockbridge, said his neighbor was now on his combative side. Join the “we can’t wait” Facebook page and say that he will now contact lawmakers and the governor to try to change the new law.

Las is expected to cut funding for care facilities and the amount of care a family can provide by 45%. Pheils says that while it’s just one person they can add to this movement, this wheelchair is making a difference, one person at a time.

“It is this attendant care that they have made inaccessible the most valuable part of your no-fault insurance. It is the part that allows you to come home with your family. It is the part that allows you to reintegrate. the company, ”Pheils said.


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