Mountlake Terrace Police Blotter: January 5-13, 2022

January 5

22100 block 42nd Avenue West: The owner of a Subaru Outback reported that his rear license plate was stolen recently.

January 6

4900 block 244th Street Southwest: During a traffic stop, a man and a woman were cited for possession of stolen property after police found a reel containing 1,000 feet of PVC-coated broadband coaxial cable in their car . The driver admitted to stealing it from the end of a driveway in Mountlake Terrace and then handing the reel to his female passenger, who was holding it in her lap when police stopped their vehicle.

4100 block 236th Street Southwest: A woman reported that unknown suspects somehow used the remaining balance of $277 on a Visa gift card she received. She said someone may have obtained the card’s PIN without her permission and she believed it was then used to make a purchase at a retail store in California.

January 7

22000 block 48th Avenue West: A resident returned a wallet he found in the bushes at a building site in Newcastle. The wallet contained a male driver’s license, credit cards and $204 in cash.

4300 block 236th Street Southwest: A vehicle prowl was reported after its owner discovered the center console and glove box were open. The victim’s purse containing his wallet, driver’s license and photos was taken and insurance and vehicle registration papers were also missing. The victim said there were no signs of a break-in.

5400 block 212th Street Southwest: A very drunk man was arrested for malicious mischief and theft. The man had taken an acquaintance’s purse containing his credit/debit cards as well as security cards or devices for his work. He then retired with the purse to a bedroom where he refused her requests to return it. While in the bedroom, the man broke a shelf and damaged a mosquito net. Police also determined there was probable cause to charge him for resisting arrest after the man broke away from them while handcuffed and then fled and had to be more grounded. The man was transported to Snohomish County Jail for booking.

January 8

5600 block 237th Street Southwest: Police gave a woman her copy of a temporary no contact order. The woman had recently been arrested for assaulting her former roommate. She picked up most of her belongings at the residence and was then transported to the Studio 6 hotel.

21400 block 52nd Avenue West: Two roommates, a man and a woman, received pamphlets about domestic violence following an argument over paying rent. Both parties said nothing physical happened, no property was damaged, and they agreed to part ways and not move on to another dispute.

January 9

23600 Block 56th Ave W: Overnight vehicle patrol reported after owner of a gray Subaru Forester discovered items inside had been strewn about and his parking RFID parking pass secure was gone. She said there was no visible damage to the vehicle that indicated it had been forcibly accessed.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: A reported theft of a catalytic converter. The owner of the vehicle discovered that his truck was missing the start and said the last time he drove the vehicle was about three or four weeks ago.

4500 block 224th Place Southwest: A resident said his Honda Civic was stolen by a male acquaintance. Police determined there were probable grounds to believe the suspect had taken a motor vehicle without permission and submitted a referral of charges against him.

19800 block 44th Avenue West: A woman was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. She had been observed driving erratically and was transported to the Snohomish County Jail to be booked.

January 10

23900 block 54th Avenue West: The owner of a red Ford F-250 truck reported it was stolen early that morning. Surveillance video showed the vehicle pulling away at around 5:30 a.m. The truck had four KC lights on a light bar near the front bumper, a color-matched tool box in its bed, and a dual trailer hitch unique.

4800 block 234th Street Southwest: Police observed a parked vehicle with an open door and windows. On closer inspection, it turned out that the vehicle had been ransacked. Its registered owner, who resides several blocks from where the vehicle was parked, was contacted and it was later determined that the vehicle was an unreported stolen vehicle that had been stolen overnight. The owner said his Kenwood stereo was missing from the vehicle, which the unknown suspect(s) damaged by turning off the ignition and tampering with the driver’s door lock. The victim found a saw in his driveway and police later determined that the vehicle’s catalytic converter was also stolen.

24200 block 58th Avenue West: Truck owner reports rear license plate stolen. He discovered the license plate was missing after he received a red light violation letter from the city of Lynnwood. Subject stated that he was out of the country when the breach occurred.

24300 block 48th Avenue West: A catalytic converter was reported stolen in the past two weeks after the owner of a white National RV started the engine, heard a loud noise coming from the exhaust and discovered that the part was missing.

January 11

21200 block 41st Court West: A resident reported that his vehicle’s catalytic converter was stolen. The victim heard a sawing sound coming from his driveway and as he exited, he saw an Asian man walking away from his vehicle. He said the subject had a saw in his hand, was wearing red pants, white shoes, and appeared to be in his twenties. Subject then got into a grey/silver Lexus and left the scene.

21900 block 43rd Court West: The rear number plate of a Mercedes E Class car was allegedly stolen within the past two weeks or so.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: Fraud was reported after a woman said she was phished by an email claiming to be from her ‘boss’ at work. Believing the email to be legitimate, she then purchased four $200 Target gift cards as requested. After speaking with other employees, she learned she had been involved in a scam and immediately contacted her bank, which was able to waive her personal gift card charges.

January 12

4300 block 212th Street Southwest: A man was arrested in the Safeway parking lot with an outstanding warrant. He was transported to Snohomish County Jail to be booked on his misdemeanor warrant.

22600 block 69th Place West: A resident reports that a man approached his home and stole his Ring doorbell camera faceplate and battery. Surveillance video showed the subject to be a white male wearing a hoodie and face mask.

January 13

6200 block 244th Street Southwest: During a traffic stop, police arrested a man and a woman, both of whom had outstanding warrants. The two were then transported to Snohomish County Jail for booking. A search revealed that the man was in possession of an Oculus Quest 2 and three credit cards, all of which were allegedly stolen. These items were then entered into evidence.

24300 block 52nd Avenue West: The owner of a Toyota Prius reported that his catalytic converter had recently been stolen overnight.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: An unknown man dropped off a permit presumably found in the police department mailbox. The object was entered into evidence as property found.

5500 block 234th Street SW: Police have developed probable cause to charge a woman with five counts of robbery after she allegedly took a red wallet containing five credit cards and $3 in cash from a woman who had it taken the day before.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: Police have taken custody of the Washington State Patrol of a man who was arrested on an outstanding warrant from the Mountlake Terrace Police Department. He was then transported to Snohomish County Jail for booking.

Block 19100 Alderwood Mall Parkway in Lynnwood: K9 Jax responded to a request for assistance from the Lynnwood Police Department in the detection of narcotics in a suspicious vehicle stopped in connection with a reported theft at Famous Footwear. K9 Jax gave a response, outside the driver’s side door of the black Toyota Corolla sedan, which was consistent with past alerts where controlled substance odors were present and controlled substances were located.

23200 block 58th Avenue West: The owner of a Nissan Murano reported that his front license plate was stolen within the last three days.

4200 block 212th Street Southwest: A Toyota Prius leaving the Safeway parking lot heading east on 212th Street Southwest collided with a motorcycle traveling west. The motorcycle driver was seriously injured and was transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. The driver of the car will receive an infraction in the mail for not yielding during a left turn. Additional details about the incident can be viewed here.

— Compiled by Nathan Blackwell

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