! Murcia Today – Tow trucks and garages in Murcia take a stand against insurance companies

Publication date: 07/12/2022

Region of Murcia tow trucks called for strike later this month

Tow trucks in the Region of Murcia called a strike in late July and early August to force insurance companies to pay them more fairly for their services. According to the National Association of Roadside Assistance Companies (Aneac), breakdown vehicles are only paid up to 3.50 euros per hour to get to the scene of an accident or breakdown. .

Aneac has asked tow truck owners to drop the tools on July 29, 30 and 31 and August 1, although the national organization, which represents more than a dozen companies in the Murcia region, has ensured that it would respond to emergencies during the industrial action phase.

Recovery vehicles will provide “minimal services”, a spokesperson explained, but will not deal with “drivers who have a flat tire or cannot start the car”.

The region’s car garages are also mobilizing and have filed an official complaint with Brussels against the low prices paid by insurance companies. The regional Association of Repair Shops, Gretamur, is currently collecting signatures against Spanish regulations which “give favorable treatment to insurers”, allowing them to dictate the prices garages must charge for work.

There are around 1,500 car repair shops in the Region, with those specializing in bodywork and sheet metal being the most affected by the low prices. According to Gretamur, insurance companies frequently require work to be carried out at prices recommended by their own experts, mechanics who have a vested interest since they work for the insurers.

Workshop owners are now asking the European Parliament to act against these “bad practices” and to provide a solution that puts an end “to the current unbalanced relationship between garages and insurers, resulting in a fairer framework”.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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