National average gasoline price hit $5 a gallon and there’s a ‘high chance prices will rise further’, and 8 things you can do if you can’t afford your car insurance

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Climate change alert: microplastics found in fresh snow in the most remote place on earth

Scientists have for the first time discovered microplastics – tiny particles that can be ingested – in freshly fallen Antarctic snow. Read more

National average gas price hit $5 a gallon and there’s ‘a high likelihood that prices will rise further’, says GasBuddy

There are nearly 20 states where gas costs at least $5/gallon, according to AAA. Read more

‘I’m being exploited by my own husband’: I pay all the bills and gave the down payment for our house, and all he does is buy stuff and contribute to his 401(k)

“I asked him to pay the $180 electric bill. He refused because he had “only” $600. Read more

Breeder known as ‘Monkey Whisperer’ convicted of illegally selling primate to singer Chris Brown

Authorities uncovered Jimmy Wayne Hammonds’ monkey business after Brown posted photos on Instagram of the capuchin he purchased. Read more

‘All of this points to broader housing market weakness’: Buyers officially spooked by rising interest rates – don’t expect a housing crash

Studies suggest the market is finally cooling, with some buyers saying they are putting off their home buying plans by 6 to 12 months. Read more

SEC chief Gensler says “we can do better here.” What does his plan to overhaul stock market structures mean for everyday investors?

Gary Gensler wants to change the payment for order flow. Will it make a difference to the portfolios of retail investors? Read more

This 400-year-old Shakespeare book could sell for $2.5 million at auction

Sotheby’s is auctioning a 1623 folio of the Bard’s works Read More

Canceling student loans will help narrow America’s racial wealth gap, new report says, but others call it ‘costly and ineffective’

Student debt stands at $1.59 trillion. The proposed $10,000 per borrower forgiveness proposed by the White House will help black debtors, according to the authors of a new study. Read more

Everything you need to know about buying a used van

Here’s a deep dive into the different types of mics, what to look for, and the pros and cons of owning one. Read more

8 things you can do if you can’t afford your car insurance

Here’s what to do if your auto insurance costs have gotten out of hand, plus tips on how to lower your premium. Read more

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