NDP motion calls for Ontario truck insurance relief


Ontario NDP MP Guy Bourgouin (Mushkegowuk-James Bay) officially introduced a motion calling on the provincial government to tackle the rising insurance costs facing owner-operators.

“Today is a victory for all truckers in northern Ontario and across the province who face crippling costs in their industry. The adoption of this motion in the Legislative Assembly is recognition that action is needed to deal with the astronomical insurance costs facing truckers and the shortage of drivers in this province, ”he said. he said in a related statement.

Guy Bourgouin, MLA for Mushkegowuk – James Bay. (File photo)

The motion calls on the government to review underwriting rules and risk classifications that “seriously affect” owner-operators, to re-evaluate standards and costs for training truck drivers, and to require fleets that they provide to operators. drivers an experience letter on request.

Insurers use letters of experience to determine premiums. Ontario was also the first province to require mandatory entry-level training standards before Class A / Z licensing tests.

“We are looking at insurance fraud,” Bourgouin said at an online press conference earlier today. “How does a small business survive? The owner-operator survived? “

He spoke of an owner-operator who had to park a truck because a new driver’s work history could not be confirmed to the satisfaction of insurers.

Increased costs, missing pilots

Debbie Paquin of Laflamme Trucking in Hearst, Ont., Told the press conference that her company saw its insurance costs drop from $ 2,800 to $ 6,500 in 2018, for no reason. “No fines, nothing at all,” she said.

While they now have to pay $ 15,000 for Facility Association insurance to cover his son, who paid $ 10,000 for a six-week training course to get a license, Paquin got his own license in just one day. in 1996.

“We are missing truck drivers, but we cannot insure them,” she said.

Angela Price, an experienced truck and heavy haul truck driver from Kawartha Lakes, said she was unable to find work because she could not get the required letter of experience from a former insurer.

“Five companies have come to me to ask me to work, and I cannot be insured with their policy,” she said.

“I can not do anything. It seems inconceivable to me that I am qualified but unemployed for a year.

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