New York man receives maximum sentence for role in fatal Virginia Beach hit-and-run

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A New York man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in connection with a 2021 hit-and-run crash that killed a motorcyclist.

Court documents say that on May 28, 2021, near the intersection of Ferrell Parkway and Indian River Road, Nghiem Nghi Nguyen, 48, caused a two-vehicle crash by failing to yield to motorcyclist Philip Pereira.

Pereira slammed into the driver’s side of Nguyen’s truck and was thrown from his motorbike into the street, where he died from the impact. Nguyen then left the scene without attempting to help Pereira, call 911 or report the accident to the police.

The crash and Nguyen’s vehicle were captured on CCTV from nearby businesses and the city’s camera system; Parts of Nguyen’s truck, including a rear light, plastic bumper and pieces of blue panels, were also found at the scene.

Officers received an anonymous tip that led them to a repair center in Binghamton, New York. At the request of Virginia Beach police, Binghamton officers interviewed the store owner, who said Nguyen brought his truck in for repairs after the crash.

Nguyen allegedly told the store owner, “I screwed up”, and that he pulled out of a stop sign, had an accident and someone died. He also reportedly said he panicked and walked away from the scene.

Investigators later learned that Nguyen had reported the accident to his car insurer, admitting he had left the scene.

When police and the Department of Forensic Sciences processed and analyzed Nguyen’s damaged truck, they determined that the parts found at the crash scene matched the damaged or missing parts from the truck. Five days after the accident, after the police, during their investigation, identified Nguyen as the driver and he was informed that he had an outstanding arrest warrant, Nguyen went to the police.

Virginia State Sentencing Guidelines recommended a maximum sentence of six months in prison. According to Colin D. Stolle, Commonwealth Attorney for the City of Virginia Beach, Nguyen received the maximum sentence for his role in the crash.

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