Our readers discuss the need to wear a bicycle helmet

OUR readers have given their thoughts on whether cyclists should be legally required to wear helmets.

There is currently no law in the UK which requires cyclists to wear helmets, although under Rule 59 of the Highway Traffic Act, which applies to clothing, “you must wear a bicycle helmet which complies with applicable regulations, is the correct size and securely fastened”.

We put the question to the public to see what they think about it. Overwhelmingly, people thought helmets should become a legal requirement for cyclists.

Here’s what our readers had to say:

One wrote: “There should be a helmet requirement and minimum third party insurance, some of the latest e-bikes are faster than low end mopeds and they require helmets and insurance, if a cyclist causes an accident and damages, there should be a way to recover the costs incurred.”

Another said: “Yeah and high visibility vests. Helmet cameras are really handy too.”

One person added: “Yes. 100%. I’ve seen so many bike accidents at work, the number of people without helmets is ridiculously high. Even small children!”

A common suggestion was that bicycles be treated more similarly to motorcycles. Someone wrote: “Cyclists should be treated the same as motorcyclists, helmet, insurance and taxes. You use the road, you pay for the road.”

Another person wrote: “Definitely a helmet saved my life, also with the new laws cyclists should be breathalysed/wiped and prosecuted if they go over the limit. Before they say I’m anti- cyclist, I have three cycles”

Others were unaware that there was no law in place. One person said: ‘I thought they were. Yes of course they should. It’s road safety’

There were a few people who disagreed with the majority.

One wrote: “No. And for insurance, bikes don’t have engines, so you can’t insure them.”

Another said: “Personal choice. But hello so other road users can see them.”

Someone added: “It’s not really their head. The lights should be.”

If you are unsure of the rules surrounding cycling, visit https://www.gov.uk/browse/driving/highway-code-road-safety

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