Passage from the United States to Canada blocked by truckers fighting against Trudeau’s mandate

(Reuters) – The busiest land crossing between the United States and Canada remained closed on Tuesday, the Canada Border Agency said, after Canadian truckers blocked lanes on Monday to protest anti-coronavirus measures. pandemic of their government.

Drivers demanding an end to federal COVID-19 vaccination mandates for cross-border traffic began blocking streets in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, on January 28. Since Sunday evening, the police have slowly begun to regain control, seizing thousands of liters of fuel and removing a tanker.

Trucks began blocking traffic at the Ambassador Bridge, located between Lake Erie and Lake Huron, late Monday. The Canada Border Services Agency said Tuesday the bridge was closed, but police later tweeted that the lanes to the United States were now open.

The owner of the bridge, the Detroit International Bridge Co, said international trade on the bridge must resume.

“We encourage appropriate officials to take prompt action to remedy the situation as quickly as possible in a manner that reflects mutual respect,” company president Matt Moroun said in a statement.

Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabra said he was closely monitoring the situation.

Canada sends 75% of its cargo exports to the United States, and the bridge typically handles around 8,000 trucks per day.

The president of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association called for the blockade to be lifted immediately, saying “continued delays at the Ambassador Bridge risk disrupting auto production which employs tens of thousands of Canadians.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared in public on Monday for the first time in more than a week after being infected with COVID-19, saying the protest must end.

Prime Minister Trudeau was due to return to Parliament on Tuesday to face opposition lawmakers demanding he do more to end what one aide called a “national humiliation”.

He denounced the protesters’ tactics.

“Individuals are trying to block our economy, our democracy and the daily lives of our citizens,” he said during an emergency debate in the House of Commons on Monday evening. “It has to stop.”

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