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Roamly insurance for professional motorhome rental companies will be integrated with Wheelbase, the world leader in motorhome fleet management software for professional commercial operators

AUSTIN, TX, January 27, 2022 /CNW/ — The insurtech company Mobile today announced its new professional insurance product for the rapidly growing market of professional RV rental companies worldwide. Wheelbasethe professional software product for RV fleet operators, will now integrate Roamly into its software to make insurance painless, simple and cost-effective.

A new bespoke VR insurance product brings digital insurance to business VR operations.

The new partnership offers Roamly, the only tailored RV insurance product, directly to commercial RV rental operators, tour operators and booking agencies. Additionally, Roamly is made available directly from the software to any consumer who books trips and vacations through a rental company using Wheelbase software.

With integrated digital insurance, commercial RV operators and their customers no longer have to navigate insurance solutions that can be costly, time-consuming and complex. Roamly also includes trip cancellation coverage and interior damage coverage for renters, allowing travelers to have a worry-free vacation. Roamly also offers benefits that reimburse the traveler for unused, prepaid, non-refundable insured travel arrangements.

“With the growth of commercial motorhome rental operations around the world resulting from an environment where people want to travel, as well as the dominant position Wheelbase enjoys in the professional market, this partnership made sense for consumers looking an easy-to-book service and fully protected travel without the daunting task of sorting out insurance with agents and brokers,” said Roamly’s Director of Insurance Aaron Ammar.

Now consumers have a way to protect their trips and fleet operators can focus on customer operations without researching insurance products from insurance companies, which are typically expensive and complex to purchase. Operators using Wheelbase software and Roamly insurance include Road Adventures by Mark Wahlberga growing RV rental business in Ohio belongs in part to Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg.

“When entering the RV rental business, it is a priority that your fleet is insured during and outside of rentals to mitigate all risk,” says chris haydocymanaging member of Road Adventures by Mark Wahlberg. “It can be a bit heartbreaking to hand over your keys to a stranger and hope that they will take good care of your unit. However, using Roamly insurance for our tenants and our business has allowed us to grow peace of mind. The transition was smooth and simple, and the Wheelbase team was there to help you every step of the way.”

“We are growing our business rapidly, so it’s great to have an insurance partner who not only watches over our fleet, but helps us grow – and grows with us too,” says Haydocy. “Our goal is to provide our tenants with an exceptional experience at every touchpoint, and we take comfort in knowing that our insurance products add value to our shared experience.”

Commercial rental operators are growing rapidly thanks to Wheelbase, and they are desperate to find insurance products that protect their fleets while protecting consumers who engage in travel and outdoor activities, Ammar says.

“Our new Roamly protection product comes at a time when the world is beginning to open up again, and yet the insurance industry has not kept pace with motorhome and campervan travel which is now become common.”

“We’re excited to be able to bring this level of coverage in an integrated digital format for professionals looking to grow their operations and take advantage of the ever-evolving benefits of Wheelbase,” Ammar added.

In 2021, over 240 new businesses have started using Wheelbase software to run their business, which is like onboarding a new RV rental business every other day.

Roamly has grown rapidly over the past year. Recently released from beta, it has already produced more than $7 million as a written bonus.

“The unquenchable consumer interest in travel is being felt around the world and has created strong demand for commercial rental operations, which has created greater opportunities for Roamly to support and fill the gaps in a professionalized insurance coverage,” Ammar said. “Our team recognizes the importance of innovation, and the combined power of Wheelbase and Roamly allows RV rental professionals to focus more of their attention where it rightfully belongs: on their customers.”

“Roamly is the perfect complement to the power of Wheelbase and its impact on professional operations,” said Evan Hopkins, vice president of the wheelbase. “Insurance is one of the biggest challenges facing an RV rental business, and Roamly is the best way to solve it.”

About Roamly

Roamly is the world’s first RV-focused insurance technology, unlocking RV insurance to make owners’ vehicles “rental-ready”. Roamly provides unique digital insurance products that eliminate the commercial use disclaimer that prohibits online rental activity. Our insurance provides the clarity owners need to ensure their vehicles are indeed eligible for rental on platforms like Outdoorsy. For more information, visit

About wheelbase

Wheelbase is the RV industry’s most powerful fleet and rental management software that streamlines the operation of small, medium and large RV businesses. Wheelbase provides RV rental companies with a full suite of cloud-based rental management tools to optimally manage businesses from first point of customer contact through key return. Software provides rental companies with fleet management, payment processing, web hosting, online booking, insurance protection for domestic and international renters, all from one simple dashboard . The software is used by more than 1,000 companies in the United States, Canada, Australia and all along Europe. For more information, visit

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