Shocking Photos Of Most Bizarre Freeway Spills In The US, Vibrators Covering A Highway In BEER, Monkeys, Weed, And More

The HIGHWAY spills are among the most bizarre occurrences on the open road, causing enthusiastic reactions on social media and headaches for officials.

Over the years, some of the weirdest spills have left highways covered in beer, sex toys, pizza and even animals, like bees and monkeys.


Truck spills can sometimes create a weird situation, like when thousands of beer cans were knocked over on a Florida highwayCredit: AP
In Oklahoma, vibrators and lube resulted in a weird, slippery ride for drivers


In Oklahoma, vibrators and lube resulted in a weird, slippery ride for driversCredit: News 9
Three monkeys have escaped after an accident in Pennsylvania, scattering hundreds of crates containing the primates


Three monkeys have escaped after an accident in Pennsylvania, scattering hundreds of crates containing the primatesCredit: Pennsylvania State Police

Driving a truck is not an easy skill and most of the time the cargo arrives safely at its destination, however, accidents can happen with messy results.

Here, The US Sun shares shocking photos of some of the weirdest truck spills.


A truck wreck in Oklahoma left vibrators and lube strewn across I-40, resulting in a slippery scene.

Commuters had a strange ride earlier this month when a rollover accident between a tractor-trailer and a box truck spilled lubricant all over the highway.

The products belonged to CamSoda, an adult entertainment company, which suffered a severe loss of inventory.

“Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the crash. We understand these are stressful times and these supplies are what are helping people unburden themselves,” Daryn Parker, vice president of CamSoda, told the US Sun. .

“We contacted our partners at Lovense immediately and within hours supplies were ready to replace what had been lost.

“Trucks are on the way and will deliver relief in no time.”

Customers who lost items also received free tokens from CamSoda to redeem for supplies.


An accident in Florida on September 21 caused a wet mess when a tractor-trailer carrying Coors Light overturned.

The accident happened early in the morning in the southbound lanes of I-75 about 30 miles from Tampa, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Officials said the tractor-trailer cut into another while changing lanes, causing the other truck to brake, however, one did not stop and collided with a pickup truck.

The truck was full of cases of silver beer cans and many of them spilled onto the highway.

Minor injuries were reported in the crash, and parts of the highway were closed for several hours before being reopened to traffic at noon.


In June, Utah, known as the Beehive State, took the name too literally after an accident on I-80 released millions of bees into the region.

More than 200 hives were knocked over and two people had to be taken to hospital with several bee stings and minor injuries.

Nearby beekeepers tried to help and save as many bees as possible, but the owner of the hives called off, considering the incident an insurance matter.

“Unfortunately there is more damage than damage. Maybe 5% is recoverable,” said beekeeper Sam Cohen. Fox13.

“It’s sad to see.”

A warning had to be issued on a local bike path due to heavy bee activity.

“Avoid walking, biking or riding the Silver Creek section of the Rail Trail, especially for the next several days,” Summit County officials said.


Two people have been arrested after an armored truck spill caused a cash grab on a highway last November.

Bills flew over I-5 near Carlsbad, Calif., halting traffic as drivers left their vehicles to collect as much cash as possible.

A man and woman were arrested on suspicion of taking money after being locked out of their vehicle, the California Highway Patrol said.

The driver of the armored truck attempted to retrieve the money but ended up recording those who took the money after realizing how futile his attempts were.

Driver Travis Fisher initially thought there had been an accident on the road and his fellow drivers rushed to help.

“There were a bunch of cars in front of me that all stopped, came to a complete stop,” he said. Fox 5.

“I see all these things floating around and I realize it’s money. It was pretty crazy. Everywhere there was a sea of ​​bills, everywhere.


About 500 pounds of marijuana were spilled by a pickup truck on April 20 of this year after a three-vehicle collision on a Missouri highway.

A tractor-trailer driver tried to avoid a previous crash on I-70 when the pickup truck “lost control” and crashed into the back of the tractor-trailer, the Missouri State Highway Patrol said.

Then another semi slammed into the back of the pickup.

“You don’t see this every day, but it’s 4/20,” the MSHP said in a Tweeter.

Although there were no serious injuries, two men inside the van were arrested and charged with first-degree drug trafficking.


A truck carrying 100 monkeys crashed in January, scattering crates of animals along the highway and spawning a conspiracy theory.

A woman was treated for possible illness after coming into contact with one of the primates following the crash on a Pennsylvania highway.

Michele Fallon, 45, was treated for rabies and given antiviral drugs after suffering strange symptoms.

According to the CDC, the cynomolgus macaque, the species involved in the crash, can spread the herpes B virus through saliva or urine and Fallon claimed one of the animals ‘hissed’ in his face .

Three monkeys escaped after the accident but all were captured and euthanized, however, there was no explanation for this from authorities.

The monkeys were on their way to a “CDC-approved quarantine facility”, according to AP and arrived from Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean.


More than 15,000 pounds of hot dog filler crashed and spilled on a Pennsylvania highway in May after a brake failed.

Pink mud could be seen on the road, according to eyewitnesses.

According to a police report, the tractor-trailer was “trailing at high speed” on I-70 at the time of the accident.

“At this time, the driver of the vehicle then began to lose control of the vehicle. This action then caused the vehicle to exit the roadway and cross the soft shoulder of the roadway,” the report continues.

The truck cab was struck by several trees and the driver suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene.

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“Further investigation into the accident revealed that several of the vehicle’s brakes were completely inoperative, resulting in a complete loss of braking power,” police said.

The driver received “numerous citations”, according to the police report.

More than 15,000 pounds of hot dog filler spilled on a Pennsylvania road after a faulty brake caused an accident


More than 15,000 pounds of hot dog filler spilled on a Pennsylvania road after a faulty brake caused an accidentCredit: Rostraver Central Fire Department
Two people have been arrested after 500 pounds of grass fell from their van


Two people have been arrested after 500 pounds of grass fell from their vanCredit: The Missouri State Highway Patrol
Millions of bees sent after truck spill in Utah


Millions of bees sent after truck spill in UtahCredit: AP

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