Stolen moving truck recovered but items retained

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DENVER – Erin Joseph is originally from Colorado. She couldn’t wait to get home, but two months later, she’s still waiting for some of her things.

“I hope these are the sentimental stuff they didn’t want, that’s what I hope,” Joseph said.

She hired the moving and storage of Room 2 for the job. Joseph says the truck arrived in Colorado and was left outside the company office overnight. His car was also attached to the moving truck.

She says the truck was supposed to be unloaded on September 11, but it never showed up. Instead, she received a phone call that made her heart sink.

“He said, ‘We went and got him and let’s go,’” said Joseph. “‘The truck is gone and your car is gone.'”

Joseph says the truck was picked up from Castle Rock two days later with some of her things inside, but she is still trying to retrieve these items. She encountered several complications with the stolen truck because she discovered Room 2 Room had rented the vehicle from Penske.

“Room 2 The room said they would contact their insurance and be with me. Come find out, their insurance doesn’t cover freight. I don’t understand how a moving company doesn’t have freight insurance, and the fact that they were driving a Penske truck and not one of their own trucks so they weren’t covered. Well that wasn’t in my contract, “said Joseph.

Contact Denver7 made several attempts to reach Room 2, moving and storage. A reporter spoke with the owner on the phone. He said he would be available to answer questions later today, but has yet to respond.

In the meantime, Contact Denver7 has been able to reach a representative from Penske, who is doing everything possible to ensure Joseph can get his things back.

A spokesperson for Penske issued the following statement:

Penske Truck Rental does not yet have the legal authorization from Room 2 Room to release personal effects. The moving company must first inspect and inventory what is in the truck before taking the next steps with the release. We are aware that this is an inconvenience and apologize for the delay. However, this is a legal requirement that we cannot bypass. Once Penske gets permission to release the belongings, we’ll do it.

Joseph has been waiting for over two months to be able to see what was left inside that stolen truck. She says she doesn’t understand why it is taking so long.

“I want what’s mine and I want people to do their jobs. That’s all I’m asking for. I’m not asking for much more than that,” she said.

Joseph’s vehicle was also recovered at a later date. She was grateful to find treasured keepsakes inside, like her late father’s name tags.

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