Surveillance and messages lead to California mechanic’s arrest for worker’s compensation fraud

Richard James McGee, 47, of San Bernardino, Calif., was arraigned today on two counts of workers’ compensation insurance fraud after a California Department of Insurance investigation uncovered revealed that he allegedly misrepresented his employer’s injuries in order to receive more than $30,000 in undeserved disability payments.

In August 2019, while employed as a motorcycle mechanic, McGee allegedly suffered a work-related injury to his right arm and shoulder when a gas tank fell and pinned his arm against a motorcycle. McGee began receiving temporary total disability payments when his work restrictions could not be met.

An investigation has been launched after colleagues of McGee saw photos on social media platforms in which he was actively racing his motorcycle and riding his downhill mountain bike. It was also discovered that McGee operated his own motorcycle mechanic shop out of his garage, Inland Empire Motorsports.

During a qualified medical examination in 2020, McGee allegedly told the doctor that due to his injury he could no longer work as a motorcycle mechanic and that he could no longer ride a mountain bike and did not have it. done since his injury. However, surveillance video allegedly showed McGee mountain biking at a mountain bike park in Running Springs, California, in which he took off his mountain bike from high jumps and crashed his mountain bike. .

When CDI detectives presented the social media posts and surveillance video to the doctor who performed McGee’s examination, the doctor said McGee had not accurately portrayed his injury and physical abilities, and that McGee had lied during his initial exam. Following a misrepresentation of his injury and physical abilities, McGee was awarded $30,629 in workers’ compensation benefits.

On June 2, 2022, CDI detectives arrested McGee and he was taken to West Valley Detention Center. The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office is pursuing the case.

California Workers Compensation Fraud

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