The 5 main advantages of bypassing the weighing station


Motor carriers can choose from many technologies to make their operations more efficient, profitable and safe. And when it comes to bypassing the weigh station, a small investment can pay off quick and big dividends. When you consider that PrePass offers more features than any other weigh station bypass service provider, the benefits become even greater. Here are five important benefits your trucking business can receive with PrePass.

# 1 – Keep drivers on time.

Travel delays or the lack of freight transport create a cost to your business. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, these challenges cost you around $ 65 an hour. What’s more, the job of a truck driver is more stressful than ever. The hours of service, the lack of available parking for trucks and the long wait times at shippers and receivers create daily uncertainties. Even a brief delay can cause a driver to be late to an appointment or force a break somewhere he had no intention of stopping. Bypassing weigh stations not only helps drivers be more productive, but also reduces stress. And anything that helps reduce stress benefits drivers.

# 2 – Save fuel and money.

Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for any haulier, so it’s always important to find ways to save on fuel costs, especially idling. According to the FMCSA, bypassing a weigh station saves an average of $ 8.68, including half a gallon of fuel. Motor carriers realize these savings because they do not spend time idling and burning fuel at these facilities. The bypass also saves carriers money by reducing wear and tear on equipment, which means lower maintenance and equipment costs.

# 3 – Improve the retention and recruitment of drivers.

For drivers paid by the mile, sitting at a weigh station can be frustrating. Bypass the weigh station helps drivers maximize their income by keeping them on the move. It makes drivers happier and happier drivers stay in companies longer. In fact, a survey of PrePass customers found that providing a bypass service is one of the The first three the driver benefits that motor carriers can offer. And when it comes to recruiting, the Weigh Station Bypass tells drivers you’re investing in technologies that make their jobs easier.

# 4 – Reduce the risk of a truck accident.

Every time a truck slows down or stops, the risk of an accident increases. With the bypass of the weighing station, you reduce the risk of accidents in weighing facilities as there is no slowing down or returning to traffic. When you add PrePass electronic toll services, you further reduce the risk of an accident. In addition, fewer accidents can translate into lower insurance premiums.

# 5 – Improve safety scores.

PrePass is the only Weigh Station Bypass service provider that offers simple, actionable data to carriers. This allows you to monitor your overall security performance right down to the results of each individual law enforcement inspection. PrePass INFORM Safety software is available free with the PrePass Weigh Station Bypass service. And with easy visibility into the anatomy of your fleet’s inspection history, it gives you invaluable insight to help you maintain positive safety scores and find areas for improvement.

PrePass® is the most widely used and widely used toll bypass and payment platform in North America. PrePass helps qualified commercial motor carriers stay on schedule and safely bypass inspection facilities at highway speeds using the PrePass app, transponder, or both. This includes over 650,000 commercial vehicles using PrePass based on their safety compliance and up-to-date credentials. PrePass also offers electronic toll payment services, INFORM ™ toll and security software, and the ALERTS ™ mobile driver. Learn more about or contact PrePass today at or by calling (800) 773-7277, option # 2.

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