The Day – ‘Save Avery Pond’

I would say that Mr. Nowakowski, owner of Sunfox Campground in Lisbon, also generalizes campgrounds in his response to David Collins’ column about the proposed Blue Water RV development on land owned by the Mashantuckets on Avery Pond at Preston. (“Preston should say no to Pequots plan for RV park on Avery Pond,” Jan. 18.)

In his January 26 letter, he equates a development of nearly 300 RV sites crammed into 65 acres bordering a small inland body of water of about 35 acres to this developer’s camping resorts on bodies of water. much larger, such as those on Chesapeake Bay, on Chincoteague Island off the coast of Virginia, the Salmon River in Maine, Lake Winnipesaukee and the Outer Banks off the coast of North Carolina.

Can he think that potentially hundreds of people trampling sensitive wetlands daily, disturbing wildlife habitats and leaving other human marks of neglect and disregard in and around this quiet little pond will have the same environmental impact? Mr. Nowakowski, as a businessman, has a clear objective and the environment is not. This is not the right solution for this small, already stressed body of water. Save Avery Pond from this misconception!

Susan Hotchkiss


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