The subscription service offers Mercedes EQA and an electric bike at a flat rate

The new subscription service is called Mercedes-EQ City Abo and is intended to cover all the usual extras of a rental contract, such as insurance or incidental costs. In addition, local mobility solutions are offered via an e-Bike subscription also included in the package.

In other words, with the exception of tolls or parking, this plan covers everything one would need to run a VE and to be able to use an e-Bike whenever it wants, except to recharge it.

So how much should a person living in Berlin pay for this service? First of all, ask yourself how much you would pay for something like this. It’s like a long-term car rental, with everything included except fuel (energy, in this case), but there’s also a monthly credit for that. And you can get on an e-Bike if you want.

Well, Mercedes-EQ and its Swapfiets partners charge a one-time fee of EUR 400, which is around $ 465 to sign up, and then they have to pay EUR 799 (around $ 930) per month to get an EQA 250 available to them.

Before purchasing, people should also be aware that the insurance has a deductible of EUR 1,500 (approximately $ 1,750). Apart from this, maintenance, incident assistance, possible service operations and replacement vehicles are included.

The subscription also includes a monthly credit for Mercedes me charging stations worth EUR 100. According to the German company, there are more than 200,000 Mercedes me charging stations in Europe, so customers will have plenty of options for charging their cars. The Power 7 e-Bike subscription costs 75 euros per month, and the latter also includes any repairs or replacements if necessary.

Yesterday, October 18, 2021, was the first day the service was available to customers. If it becomes popular in Berlin, it could be extended to other cities in Germany.

Ultimately, this could become a best practice example for other countries, and the Daimler Group could expand its availability. Unfortunately, it won’t be for everyone, but it’s still interesting.

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