Thinkerbell and Google Maps Unveil Interactive Ramp Rater for NRMA Insurance

Creative agency Thinkerbell has collaborated with Google Maps to create a ramp rater for boat owners as part of an NRMA assurance project that will provide users with an NRMA-backed difficulty rating for each ramp.

In a world first, Thinkerbell has worked with Google Maps to make it easier for boat owners to get in the water this summer.

The development of “Ramp Rater”, in conjunction with Google Australia, brings boat ramp coverage to Google Street View and 360˚ and enables boat owners to prepare and ultimately navigate safely on the boat ramp.

Working with trusted professional Street View, Thinkerbell has added new detailed imagery to Google Maps, clearly visualizing the boat ramp for drivers. In addition to this, Thinkerbell was able to stamp photographs of the ramp with an NRMA insurance difficulty rating, helping boat owners know what to expect before accessing a specific ramp.

Nautical content creator Jack Murphy “The Captain” has been contracted to capture original footage of boat launches from across Australia. Working with NRMA Insurance, Thinkerbell is in the process of rating boat ramps across Australia, with ‘Ramp Rater’ having already been deployed at 44 ramps. The technology also enables NRMA Insurance to provide utility in other areas of Google Maps such as caravan parks, cycle paths, 4×4 tracks and other areas where assistance is needed.

Jim Ingram, National Creative Tinker Lead of Thinkerbell, says, “We decided to improve the coverage of the boat ramp in Google Street View. Backing a boat up the ramp can be a daunting experience, which can go wrong at any time.With a little preparation and the added benefit of ‘Ramp Rater’, boat owners can rest assured knowing they are covered for every boat launch in Australia.

‘Ramp Rater’ is part of NRMA Insurance’s first-ever boat campaign, aimed at encouraging Australians to protect their boats on and off the water, anywhere in Australia.


Client: NRMA Insurance

Creative: Thinkerbell

Chief Strategic Thinker: Adam Ferrier

National Creative Lead: Jim Ingram

Executive Creative Handyman: Paul Swann

Main handyman: Chris McMullen

Tinker National Production Manager: Grant Anderson

Lead Brand Thinker: Gerry Cyron

President and CEO: Margie Reid

General Manager (North): Katie Dally

Lead Thinker: Imagene Callinan

Lead Thinker Won: Lauren Myers


Head of Google Partnerships: Scott Riddle

Senior Industry Manager: Jared Evans

Head of Creative Development: Victoria Berthinussen

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