This bike is available at low cost high mileage

The most important features that people pay attention to when buying a motorcycle are its mileage, value, and engine. But people always ignore the safety features of the bike, which usually leads to huge losses in the event of an accident. The bike also has an ABS (anti-lock braking) function, which prevents the bike from slipping and braking effectively when applied suddenly. This greatly reduces the risk of an accident and does not cause serious injury to the driver. If you also want to buy a safe bike, check out the country’s 3 cheapest anti-lock braking systems here that offer style at a low price as well as great mileage.

Bajaj Platinum 110: Bajaj Platina is number one on the list which is one of the cheapest bikes to come with an ABS system. Coming to the engine of this bike, which also offers a 115.45 cc single-cylinder engine, 8.6 PS of power and 9.81 Nm of maximum torque is generated.

Braking system: As for the bike’s braking system, the company has provided a combination of disc brakes in its front wheel and drum brakes in the rear wheel, along with a single-channel anti-lock braking system.

Mileage and price: Let us tell you that the company claims that the Bajaj Platina 110 bikes will also give a mileage of 84 km per liter and that this mileage is certified by ARAI. The starting price of the Bajaj Platina 110 is Rs 63,366. The on-road price of the bike increases after paying the bike insurance and RTO fees.

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