Tri-Citian construction center for food trucks with interior seats

For the past six years, Chris Corbin has planned to build a food truck center in the Tri-Cities where customers have a large and diverse choice and tables inside to eat.

The Richland native has encountered one delay after another, including the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

But earlier this month, Corbin’s dream and efforts finally came to fruition when he signed a deal for a property near his family’s pizzeria.

Corbin wasted no time digging the land on the 3-acre lot – formerly owned by Kennewick Irrigation District, or KID – and says that if all goes according to plan, that Summer’s Hub in Kennewick should be ready to open d ‘by March or April.

The Hub will include space on secure asphalt ground for 28 food trucks with the necessary hookups, including electricity, gas and water.

In the middle of the field will be a 7,000 square foot building, which will house Brady’s Brats & Burgers – the only brick-and-mortar restaurant in The Hub – with family-style picnic tables for dining, a small stage for concerts and entertainment, and restrooms.

The building will have glass garage doors to roll up to let in cool air during the summer months and close to keep guests warm during the winter.

Family affair

“There have been so many times my dad and I have partnered in this area, where we thought it was going to be successful and nothing ever happened,” Corbin told the Tri-City Herald. “It’s just a different project to launch and we finally figured it out. I kept it so secret because everyone wants to do something like that.

“… It’s about the customer experience when they go to food trucks. This is a place where food trucks can develop their business, ”he added.

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Corbin’s parents, Kathy and John Corbin, own the Tri-Cities Chuck E. Cheese franchisee for almost 40 years.

Chris Corbin, who said he started helping out in the family business at the age of 11, recently served as COO.

The restaurant moved in October 2018 from its long-rented space on Columbia Center Boulevard in Richland Wye to 6340 W. Rio Grande Ave. near Vista Field.

Corbin said that was when he learned of the opportunity to purchase the empty lot between the restaurant and The Colonnade’s Sportsman’s Warehouse along West Canal Drive.

Summer’s Hub of Kennewick is named after Corbin’s 9-year-old daughter.

Brady’s Brats & Burgers, which opened in Sandy, Oregon, in 2018, is named after his 5-year-old son. The Kennewick Restaurant will be its second location.

“It’s something I want to give to my kids, and it’s good to have something to pass on to them,” he said.

Mecca of food trucks

The ingredients for Brady’s Brats & Burgers are locally sourced, with different house combinations of brats like elk and juniper berries and lamb and feta. The Kennewick Restaurant will be the only place allowed to serve wine, beer and cider inside the Hub.

Corbin also works as a State Farm insurance agent in Sandy, and said his idea for Summer’s Hub came from Oregon Happy Valley Station with its pavilion and its food cart.

“I love food trucks. I always thought that the Tri-Cities were the mecca of food trucks, ”he said. “They appear everywhere and you fall in love with them and then you don’t know where it is. “

Chris Corbin innovates on Summer’s Hub, a food truck and vendor hub in Kennewick centered around a 1,000 square foot food court with a Tri-Cities location of Brady’s Brats and Burgers. The hub will be located between Sportsman’s Warehouse and Chuck E. Cheese, the latter of which the Corbin family also owns and operates. jennifer king [email protected]

If The Hub takes off, Corbin said he can see opening versions in Richland, Pasco, Pullman and Spokane.

Summer’s Hub in Kennewick will feature security cameras and lights around the fenced lot to help protect businesses. It will also have rules for businesses, such as opening at certain times to help develop the hub into something big, he said.

Corbin told the Herald he has yet to determine the price of food trucks, but is considering $ 1,000 per month with early bird discount. He already has eight companies on the waiting list.

“That’s what I envisioned having a place that hops from morning to night,” he said. “It’s going to be awesome. I can not wait.

Those wishing more information so their business can participate are encouraged to email Corbin at [email protected]

Kristin M. Kraemer covers the justice system and crime issues for the Tri-City Herald. She was a journalist for over 20 years in Washington and California.

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