U-Haul driver goes from one disastrous mistake to another


The driver of a U-Haul truck has discovered how bad things can go if you try to enter a tight parking lot with a vehicle that just doesn’t fit. This footage shows the driver of the truck trying to get into the parking lot and failing at every possible level.

When the driver first stops, it is evident that the truck is higher than the parking lot, prompting a height release bar to retract quickly after being struck by the truck. The driver however decided not to get out and make sure he had clearance and instead stepped on the accelerator and immediately hit a water line in the parking lot.

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Realizing they messed up, the driver reverses but from there things only get worse. Completely oblivious to the fact that there are two lowered concrete beams on either side of the truck, the driver pulls to the left and tries to accelerate away. However, the top of the truck eventually hit one of these beams, bringing it to a halt. The driver tries a second time and gets the same result. They then reverse, hitting a second beam. Things then got worse on the third attempt when the U-Haul truck hit the hose of a sprinkler system.

Blown sludge can be seen pouring from the roof before the water covers the truck. The driver decides not to stop and tries to exit again but hits the concrete beams again several times. They then roll forward, this time hitting another water pipe, breaking it as well.

It all makes for a pretty hilarious scene, although the U-Haul truck driver’s insurance company was likely slapped with expensive repair bills.

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