Uninsured Powys quad rider retains license despite car crash

A MAN was left bleeding from his head after losing control of his quad and collided with a car.

Toby Holley collided with a female driver on the B4388 near Forden on the evening of June 9 this year in an accident that knocked him out of his Honda quad.

Welshpool Magistrates’ Court learned on Tuesday 14 December that the bike was exiting directly from a side road onto the main road in front of the car, with the driver being forced to swerve to avoid the collision.

After crashing into a hedge, the female came out and realized the quad had hit her car and saw Holley – whom she knows – lying on the ground, bleeding from a head injury.

Holley, 26, admitted driving recklessly and carelessly at the hearing, as well as driving without insurance.

Prosecutor Helen Tench said police were notified of the collision by an ambulance team who arrived at the scene around 9 p.m.

“There was a report involving a car and a quad bike, with the accused sustaining head injuries after being thrown,” she said.

“The accused was the driver of the quad and had left the scene. The driver of the car said she was heading towards Montgomery. As she approached a crossroads, she saw a red quad that wanted to join the road. A bicycle came straight out onto the road and she swerved to avoid a collision.

“She collided with a hedge and when she got out she saw marks corresponding to a collision with a quad. She came out and saw the accused lying on the ground; he was bleeding from his head. He jumped slightly before getting to his knees. Another man arrived to take the accused away.

Ms Tench said Holley then went to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital for treatment and on another date went to the police station for an interview.

“He said in an interview that he snooped and drank a pint of cider and a pint of coke in a pub before continuing,” said prosecutor Helen Tench.

“He said he couldn’t stop the bike and he didn’t know why. He was not aware of any mechanical problems with the motorcycle. He said he had never had a power outage while driving and accepted that he should have pulled over.

“The quad was roadworthy but it had canceled the insurance because it was no longer driving on the roads.”

Acting on her own behalf, Holley, of Brynfa Avenue, Welshpool, said: “I got to the crossroads and I just couldn’t stop it. The road had recently been resurfaced and there were signs warning of the risk of skidding. ”

Magistrates learned Holley had a no-fault license but appeared in the same court last month where he was conditionally released for drunkenness and disorder; with these pre-existing offenses.

Holley added: “My grandfather has also had chemotherapy and I’m the one taking him to his appointments.”

Magistrates placed six penalty points on Holley’s license, meaning he can still drive.

Bench chair Cynthia McVey said: “You’ve been in court twice in a short period of time, we don’t want to see you here again.”

Magistrates also ordered Holley to pay the driver of the car £ 350 compensation to cover his excess as the vehicle needed to be written off. They also fined him £ 146 and ordered him to pay £ 85 in costs and a surcharge of £ 34.

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