‘Vehicle Rental Pvt to Bike-taxi, Illegal Auto Businesses’ | Bangalore News

Bengaluru: The transport department on Tuesday warned owners of private vehicles not to rent their personal vehicles to cycle taxi and car rental companies.
Officials said the use of two-wheelers and private cars as a mode of commercial transportation is illegal. The warning comes in the context of whiteboard two-wheelers being used as bike taxis by app-based aggregators like Rapido. Similarly, whiteboard cars are illegally used by some car rental companies.
Transport Commissioner N Shivakumar said in a press briefing, “Recently, many private two-wheelers in Bengaluru were found to be carrying passengers illegally through an unauthorized aggregation app. Two-wheeler owners should stop renting their vehicles through such an app.
“In addition, some passenger car owners donate their personal vehicles to car rental companies. They must not rent vehicles for commercial purposes. We will take strict action against these landlords,” the note read. Another official said leasing a personal car that is not registered as a commercial vehicle is illegal under the Motors Vehicle Act.
“Those who want to donate for car rental services must first register their vehicles as self-driving cars. They will receive black license plates with yellow fonts, unlike a private whiteboard license plate Shivakumar said. He said that if the vehicles are driven by someone the owner does not know, they will not be eligible for accident insurance.

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