What would you like to say about Sevastopol?

I like to call our city SeBESTopol, the best people, the best environment and a real sense of community. (Chris K., Sevastopol)

Citizens of Sevastopol are often: judgmental, sarcastic, salubrious, seditious, complacent, happy, seedy, myopic, socialist, outrageous, simple-minded, but not very often collaborative. Yet – I love living here. (Crag B., West County)

Walkers of Sevastopol, unite! Will this city one day connect all the remnants of sidewalks around the city? Just try walking up Bodega Ave. up to Pleasant Hill: either scrambling up a muddy cliff, treading on graves, or getting out into traffic. (Rod M., Sevastopol)

Zoom meeting of the Sevastopol City Council on December 21

The six-hour meeting began in sadly typical fashion with an attendee displaying a sign that read “No money for smart water meters.” But the words were displayed as a mirror image and went unnoticed for a while before being corrected.

About seven months ago, $1.2 million of city money was diverted from a Sonoma County investment fund. Before the knives come out, the county and the city have agreed to see what part, if any, of the loss will be covered by the respective insurance companies. The city’s position is that the county should have known the e-transfer was fake in that: the names were misspelled, the date was wrong by almost a year, it was being sent to a bank in Georgia (hopefully not Georgia in the Caucasus) and the money was transferred faster than the county’s own normal protocols. Be on the hunt for a county supervisor in a new Lamborghini.

The ‘street camping’ of Morris Street by the ‘homeless’ has now become a bigger problem than it would have been if some members of this and previous town councils had not acted as if it would, unlike COVID-19, disappear like a miracle. According to the police chief, there were 22 vehicles parked on Morris Street before Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, there were 37. Many have expired their registrations and/or have no insurance. Some have fluid leaks. (Don’t ask.) A few haven’t been registered for eight to ten years. From January 2022, registration, security and health requirements will begin to apply. Council members hope to have the new “RV Village” at the northeast end of town on the highway. 116 operational in February. A lawyer representing residents of that area had something to say about the idea and then dropped the “L” bomb. Dispute. After two hours of what, at times passed for debate, the council dropped the issue in the lap of the police chief who will try to hammer out a new citywide parking ordinance that won’t cause a Federal “L” bomb et al. It will be back.

The six-hour meeting ended in sadly typical fashion. Council member Gurney, clearly intimidated by the Electronically Misinformed Folks (EMF) sect, shed crocodile tears for previously voting to install smart water meters and leading an insurgency against its current funding. Such an action would have put the city, which has already ordered the equipment and signed a contract, in breach of said contract. We have come perilously close to another misguided walk down the dark and dangerous path of litigation. Only the opposing votes of Mayor Slayter, Vice Mayor Hinton and Councilman Rich saved us from this march. The short-sighted submission of Council members Gurney and Glass to a small, strident cult still survives unashamedly.

Thoughts on pandemics, politics and people of 2021: “We have met the enemy and he is us” (Pogo)

John Necker covered the Sebastopol City Council for ten years for Sebastopolcitizens.org. He lives in the city of Sevastopol with his wife who has been suffering for many years. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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