Who makes fire trucks and how much does a new fire truck cost?

There’s something about a huge red truck hurtling down the road with flashing lights, which is a clear indication that it’s time to pull over. Whether it’s going to a fire or rushing to rescue a kitten stuck in another tree, these trucks have a way of getting attention. So how much do they cost and what is the difference between a fire engine and a fire truck?

Fire trucks and fire engines are different?

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It’s true. Fire engines and fire engines are not the same. So what is the difference?

The two have a lot in common, and may even look alike at first sight, the main way to tell them apart is to look for a water reservoir. It will be on the fire truck, which will also carry hoses, pumpers and tools.

The fire trucks show up to the fires first, so they can get to work putting out the fire using the large water tank in the back. It also carries hoses and will hook up to fire hydrants, but this takes crucial time while the fire can spread, which is why the fire truck is so crucial. The tank can hold 750 gallons of water, but firefighters can also draw water from lakes, rivers or even swimming pools.

A fire truck, on the other hand, does not carry water. It’s the truck that often shows up for emergency calls that don’t involve fire, like car wrecks. They carry tools like the jaws of life, ladders, hammers, saws, spreaders, axes, and maidens to name a few. It is common for both types of trucks to show up in an emergency.

They are the largest truck manufacturers in the country

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According to Thomas Filet, the company that manufactures the most fire trucks in America is Oshkosh Defense. This company earns over $250 million every year. Oshkosh Defense also manufactures firefighting vehicles which are used to manage aircraft fires and builds military vehicles.

Another company that helps produce fire trucks and engines is Spartan Motors. It manufactures custom chassis and brings in over $250 million a year.

The companies that come in third and fourth place for the development of fire trucks and engines are E-One, Inc and Ferrara Fire Apparatus Inc. Both companies bring in around $50-99.9 million annually.

Ferrara actually produces and delivers over 6,000 fire trucks worldwide each year. The shocking factor about this is that Ferrara only has 200-499 employees which is very impressive.

How much do they actually cost?

If you’re looking for a fire truck, it’s good to know that civilians can own one as long as they turn off the siren and lights that send out the alarm that there’s a fire. If you want a brand new truck, it will cost you about a million dollars, more or less.

Used trucks are much cheaper, probably thanks to the wear and tear they endure fighting fires. That being said, you can sometimes find a used fire truck on eBay for less than $20,000.

Owning a fire truck will obviously be expensive, especially if you plan to drive it on the road. You are looking at about 6 miles per gallon. While true that it’s only marginally worse than a Hummer H1, it’s still going to be pretty expensive to drive.

Finding parts in case of failure, buying insurance and finding a space to keep them will also be expensive. It might be best served as a collectible to show off to friends and family.

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